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  • Make sure to check out NARCh on Universal Sports.  The 1.5 hour show will feature the full NARCh Pro Championship Game, plus a pre/post game, plus some general highlights from the '15 NARCh FINALS in Florida. The show will be shown 9 times to start!  Listing times are as follows: Here is a list of air times, ALL E.S.T.  3 hours earlier on the West Coast. 08/11/2015 10:00 PM 08/11/2015 1:30 AM 08/13/2015 2:00 PM 08/15/2015 4:00 PM 08/15/2015 1:00 AM 08/17/2015 11:30 AM 08/18/2015 4:30 AM 08/2

  • More action from Germain Arena in Estero, FL.

  • By: Lonny Lovins   We have had a great time in Florida, and we are looking forward to our last few games and championships today. The tournament has been great, and the people have been better than amazing.  I really enjoy this venue, even when it is raining outside.  There is something refreshing about going outside in the rain, and it still being comfortable enough to wear shorts and sandals, that does it for me.   Yesterday we had one of our best seeding frenzies of the tournament.  

  • By: Lonny Lovins Apologies to my faithful readers, we missed our spot yesterday.  With so much action going on, it was tough to get behind the computer for more than a few minutes.  I will try to hit you all up twice today, to make up for it. Our Men's Silver division is going strong, and we will have a lot of action in the division that boasts the most teams, and our highest percentage of sandbaggers :D. We had some fantastic finishes yesterday, with the Bantam Platinum and the Bantam Gold pl

  • These kids have all the fun!

  • Jeremy Ellis sits down with Spencer Hale and Dave Zarem of the Detroit Mission Stars

  • By: Lonny Lovins Today has been a quality day.  The hockey has been excellent, and we are quickly heading toward our next seeding frenzy.  Tomorrow should be awesome to watch, as the Platinum teams try to determine who is going to rise to the top in all of the divisions.  The playoff games have been strong as well.  All the usual suspects have been representing their teams well.  The Bordercats, the Roadrunners, the Scorpions and the Sting really showed us some amazing games.  Sometimes I

  • Alkali Assault vs. Tour Excitement Semi Final action from Germain Arena!

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