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Will a player that grew up playing NARCh that is now in the NHL win the Stanley Cup this year?
Will a player that grew up playing NARCh that is now in the NHL win the Stanley Cup this year?
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  • All Dunne in St. Charles – that’s a wrap from Missouri
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    By Nick Boyarsky   When I got handed the St. Louis qualifier a few weeks ago I wasn’t completely sure what to expect. I was pretty confident I could handle it, but still not having Daryn or Alex there to hold my hand made me a bit nervous. I was assured after some of the larger events I’d worked so far this year with Winter Nationals and Huntington Beach, this would be an easy weekend full of good roller hockey and even better people. If you read my first blog about our arrival into tow
  • Hockey or Prom... or Both?!
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    by Nick Boyarsky   We’re about three games shy of wrapping up the night here at Matteson Square Gardens with Squirt, Pee Wee, and Midget, round robin completed.  Mite and Bantam will play one more each tomorrow before they going into Semi Finals and Championships. Most of the crowd is balancing on their seats as they swivel back and forth between watching the game on the rink and the NHL playoff game going on the big screen projector. There seems to be an equal amount of Caps and Pens fa
  • What A (Long) Day!
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    by Alex Morrison It seems like it has been hours and hours since we started today's first game on Long Island.  That's because it has been!  16 hours ago to be exact, and we still have 3 hours to go.  Today's 56 games haven't been short of excitement and some amazing displays of skill.  Daryn and I were commenting earlier about how good some of these players are, and they have brought their best to this regional. In Bantam, the Tour Roadrunners 99 are going to be a solid Platinum team in Flo
  • '16 New York Action Photos
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