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What would you like to see more of from NARCh?
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  • Broomall Recap 2015
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    By Jeremy Ellis This past weekend at the Marple Sports Arena was filled with exciting hockey and playoff upsets.  28 teams across 5 age groups competed to take part in one of 10 championship games that took place on Sunday.  Once again the ‘oohs and ahhs’ were in abundance as we prepped the medal cart before each championship game.  If there is one thing that the players look forward to each and every year, it is the sheer awesomeness of the seasonal NARCh medal.  Let’s get to the acti
  • Pittsburgh Schedule
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    June 5 - 7 Pittsburgh
  • Quality Control
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    By Lonny Lovins   With playoffs dominating our early Sunday morning, so far the name of the game has been puck control and speed.  While this is the case in almost all of the high level games, it seems as if the kids are moving a bit faster than normal.  Maybe it is because this is one of the last "tune up" opportunities before the finals, maybe it is because they want to beat a bitter rival, or maybe it is because I am in sleep deprivation mode, and everything seems to be moving faster t
  • Big Philly Style
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    By Jeremy Ellis After a lengthy delay at the airport in Chicago yesterday, I finally made my trip back out to the 'City of Brotherly Love'.  It is good to be back here at such a storied house of Roller Hockey that is the Marple Sports Arena.  The banners hang proudly from the rafters of some of the best names in the game.  Looking at the years on some of those trophy banners only makes me fell older, but I digress. While its always good to relive old memories, we are here specifically to make





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