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  • By Lonny Lovins  While we definitely need the rain in California, we don’t need it to wash out the tournament for us.  So far, the rain has been kept off the floor, and we are hoping, it remains that way through the night.  Under the canopy here in Irvine, things have been moving right along.  The hockey is always fast down here, as teams gear up for the big finale in Florida.  Southern California provides some of the better teams we see when the finals roll around.  With the talent I ha

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  • By Lonny Lovins  With refereeing, playing, league directing, and tournament directing I have watched a lot of hockey over the course of my life.  I have seen great moments at almost every level, but today during these games here in Fort Myers, I have seen things that almost never happen in our great game.  A few of these games actually gave me goose bumps, because I remember as a kid, being so excited about winning a tournament.  I remember the crowd noise, the people I played with, and the

  • By Lonny Lovins  The tournament is creeping into the wee hours here in Fort Myers, but the stars were shining long before the sun went down.  Like in that little golf tournament a state over, today was moving day.  We saw a few teams improve their positions, and we saw a few cave under the pressure.  For the most part, we saw a lot of really good games, including a playoff game with a 7 round shootout.    The Cayman Island Squirts, and the Gulf Coast Eagle Squirts played an incredible gam

  • By Lonny Lovins We are off to a stormy start here in Florida, as the wind and rain has provided us with a lot of soaked gear being hauled in from the parking lot.  The games have been good and just as unpredictable as the weather.  With most of our teams looking to get qualified for Finals, back here in a few months, we are really seeing some inspired hockey.  The facility here is interesting, with the floor alternating in colors from green, to blue, to yellow and a little red strewn in there

  • By Jeremy EllisIt was an action packed weekend here in St. Louis and we are finally all wrapped up and ready to ship out of town.  58 games over 3 days are what we brought to the Gateway City.  Five divisions competed this weekend in a sold event that brought hockey, friends and competition together under one roof.  As I mentioned in an earlier blog, we shared the rink with a dog show this weekend.  It was one of those obstacle course events where the dogs jump and run through hoops, pretty

  • By Lonny Lovins  Our time in Hawaii has ended for another year, but we are eternally grateful for the hospitality we were shown while we were here.  The weather always treats us well, and the Hawaiians treat us even better.  While this tournament was mostly a battle for Hawaii, it was a heated battle that brought us a lot of great games in our final day of play.  Mite Division - The Mite final was an interisland battle between team Maui and the KIHA Warriors.  This game was a battle of will

  • I felt like I shut my computer for 30 minutes before my iPhone alarm went off. Time to get up and head to breakfast. Our Pama Cyclones team had a big semi final game against the Tour Mudcats at 11am. I headed down to breakfast with my roommate Brin Morris to grab a quick bite. I switched it up today and went for the pancakes and blueberry muffins instead of the normal french toast and muffins. I must say, the Embassy Suites here in Hawaii has a delicious and outrageous selection. Then off to t

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