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  • Atoms and Mites finished yesterday and we discussed those divisions in blog last night, so we’ll jump right into the 5-team squirt division.   The East End Saints started off a little rough and have the least tourney experience, but they did improve every game.  Their last two games were respectable 3 goal losses, but they still ended up in the basement of the division.   The platinum final would match up the Oakville Coyotes 99’s and KW Rage 99’s.   The Coyotes did not let up a si

  • By Alex Morrison   Today is the end of a long 3 months of travelling across North America to run events and seed teams.  It is a bittersweet day for me, knowing that the journey is almost complete, yet being away on Father’s Day.  My kids said good morning via FaceTime (thank you Apple), which was nice, but definitely not the same as being home.   With that being said, we have about 10 hours left in the event, and time should fly by, as today’s docket is full of playoffs and finals.

  • We’re winding down on the 50 games played today.  We saw some incredible action and crowned a few champions.  We had a few feisty situations, but for the most part it was a great day of hockey.    In the atom division 3 teams battled it out.  As I mentioned before the Tour Bordercats were the class of the field, but the Rattlers and Coyotes did improve as the day went on and were able to put up a handful of goals against the Bordercats.  While the Cats cruised to the title, the games b

  • Saturday Update It’s good to be back at the Hershey Centre.  As soon as I walk in it brings back a lot of good memories from past NARCh FINALS that were held here in ’06 and ’09.  The main bowl is on pretty tight lock-down because they’re filming the HBO Show called Transporter right now.  I might have to try to sneak a peek later to check it out.  There are two sportscourt floors down and both are being used for the busy event.  Even without access to the bowl this facility is nic

  • By Alex Morrison   It is the last weekend for NARCh Regional Qualifiers, and Langford, BC is the location.  We could not have picked a better spot!  This beautiful resort community has a sparkling newer facility that might be one of the nicest places that has ever hosted a regional.   Check out the pictures posted earlier, showing some of the offerings here, including 2 rinks (one ice and one dry floor), a splash pad, mini golf, bowling alley, 2 full size soccer pitches, and restaurant &

  • Ontario Regional Live Scoring

  • Victoria BC Regional Live Scoring

  • Ontario Regional Schedule

  • Victoria, BC Regional Schedule

  • By Mike Vickerman This morning brought five teams out to compete in the Mite Gold division. The Cyclones, Red Hawks, Black Bears, Grey Wolves and the Warriors. The Warriors and the Grey Wolves would tie for the first place seed and the Black Bears edged out the Red Hawks for the third seed. In the first semi the Black Bears fell to the Warriors by a score of seven – two. In the other semi game between the Red Hawks and the Grey Wolves we would have yet another overtime game that would ultimat

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