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  • By Lonny Lovins  It has been a long day here in Snellville.  While it is not quite the “Hotlanta” I was expecting, our hockey players have still provided us with some heat. Most of the hockey will be covered in my wrap up after the tournament is over, but I think today I will talk more about how great our staff has been.  Rich Call put together a great officiating crew, and they have kept a lot of the hot tempers under wraps.  The tough play was nice to see, as every team was fighting f

  • Georgia Regional Schedule

  • By Lonny Lovins  We had a weekend of great weather and great hockey.  Another Nor Cal Cup Final is in the books, and for everyone involved it was a great time.  We will recap the action, and bring another great Nor Cal Cup season to a close.  On a side note, I am now into my 2nd week of using the Rink Rat Identity Krysis wheels.  They are just as good as advertised.  I get no burn out on the front wheel when I take off, and the hold I get when I am cornering, it is like I am skating on rai

  • By Jeremy Ellis Another regional on the 2014 NARCh is now in the books as we say so long to the Tar Heel State.  We had a great time this weekend at Dream Sports as we witnessed some exciting finishes and met some great new friends.  Steve and his crew at the rink are always extremely helpful and attentive, which makes our jobs much easier.  On top of that, the kids here were very polite, respectful and competitive.  The team raffles brought out some toothy grins this week and it always a j

  • By Jeremy Ellis Sunday, Funday here in North Carolina as we embark on our final day of action at the 2014 North Carolina regional.  On tap today are 13 championship games, so the medal cart has been doing stretches all morning looking forward to some extended wheeling. One final is in the books with the Pee Wee Gold crown going to the Carolina Nightmare as they took down the Force 4-1.  The nightmare are a team to watch this summer and will be doing battle later today as they continue to play

  • By Lonny Lovins  It is nice to have some winners playing up here in San Jose this weekend, after the Sharks made dubious history this past week.  Our Nor Cal Cup finals kicked off today, and the games have been a good respite from what us Nor Cal people had to endure from our So Cal counterparts.  The Cubs are always a big draw up here, and they played their little hearts out in front of the biggest crowds.  As I have said many times before, I always look forward to seeing the future of our

  • By Jeremy Ellis Good morning folks, from sunny North Carolina!  I have to say after the winter I have had to go through in Chicago this year, coming down to NC is an awakening!  The weather is beautiful, the rink is BUZZING, and the people are awesome.  The Dreamsports  Center is pristine and ready to welcome a bevy of NARCh constituents. Team moms and managers are scrambling to get in paperwork on time and all the teams are looking really sharp.  Lots of sharp uniforms with some great styl

  • San Jose Nor Cal Cup Schedule

  • By Lonny Lovins  The tournament here in Irvine wrapped up last evening, and it was a good one.  I really enjoy coming to Irvine, the city is nice, and the rink is really well run.  Everyone is helpful and quick to jump if you need something done.  The team working at the Rinks, works just as hard as the teams on the rink.  A big thank you to Eddie Limbaga’s staff for helping us run smoothly.  I have my new Rink Rat “Identity” wheels.  I will put them to the test tonight, and let eve

  • May 3-4 San Jose NOR CAL CUP

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