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  • By: Lonny Lovins  We are roughly one third of the way through finals, and our Silver/Club Divisions have wrapped up for the kids.  Overall, the skill level of the Silver and Club Divisions is increasing,  which I believe will lead to our Gold Division getting better, which will in turn make our Platinum level amazing.  The tournament has been running very smoothly, and the games for the finals have been really close, with a few of them going to OT.  The round robin games were close as w

  • 10:40 AM – JR Gold - Detroit Mission Stars VS Tour Blast 11:20 AM – Midget Gold - Koguis VS Alkali Illusion 12:45 PM – PW Gold - Carolina Force 99 VS Avalanche Roller Hockey Club 1:30 PM – PW Gold - Bauer Bordercats VS AZ Groove 2:15 PM – PW Gold - 2000 Dragons VS Capitals Hockey Club 3:40 PM – JR Gold – STL Mavericks VS Katios Hockey Club 5:00 PM – Midget Gold – Tour Blast VS Koguis 5:45 PM – PW Gold – Mission Outcasts 00 VS

  • 9:10 Squirt Club Final 10:10 Squirt Silver Final 11:10 Mite Platinum Final 12:10 Mite Gold Final 1:10 Bantam Club Final 2:15 Bantam Silver Final 3:30 Bantam Gold Skills 5:00 Peewee Gold Skills 6:50 Peewee Gold – Avalanche Roller Hockey Club VS Gulf Coast Eagles Blue 8:15 Bantam Gold – NCR Tour Elite VS Avalanche Roller Hockey Club 9:00 Bantam Gold – California 77s VS Tour Rattlers Black  

  • By Lonny Lovins If you tuned out early last night, you missed some great games.  I know that most parents and teams wanted to get some rest, but in leaving, you may have left the best games of the tourney so far. It seems like everyday I am talking about the best game I have seen thus far, but I guess that is because as we get farther and farther into the tournament, we are going to see better and better games.  Last night I witnessed the longest game I have ever seen since I have been working

  • By Lonny Lovins We are well into day 4, and we have had a flurry of championship games.  Most of them have been really competitive, with a few needing extra time to be decided.  We also had a couple of divisions finish last night. Let's start with last night's action.  The San Diego Rockets, and the Colorado Stallions played in the Atom Platinum Final.  This was one of the best games I have seen in awhile.  I will go into full detail in my overall write up at the end of the tournament, but

  • 8:20 – Atom Silver Final 9:20 – Atom Gold Final 10:20 – Peewee Club Final 11:20 – Peewee Silver Final 12:20 – Midget Silver Final 1:20 - Mite Silver 2:30 – Mite Club Final 3:30 – Squirt Gold Skills 5:10 – Bantam Gold – Club Deportivo Bucaneros VS STL Tour Blast 5:50 – Bantam Gold – Alkali Gamblers VS California 77s 6:30 – Squirt Gold – Sherwood Park Bullfrogs VS Reebok Michigan White  

  • 11:15 Bantam Silver – Team Rinos Na-Palm VS Colorado Stallions 12:00 Bantam Silver – Gulf Coast Eagles VS 97 Reebok Pittsburgh Bandits 12:40 Bantam Silver – Raleigh Speed VS Mississauga Mission Rattlers 1:30 Bantam Silver Skills 3:15 Squirt Silver – Tour Lizards Kings VS Katios Hockey Club 4:00 Mite Plat/Gold Skills 4:50 ATOM PLATINUM CHAMPIONSHIP 6:30 CUB CHAMPIONSHIP 7:30 Squirt Silver – Reebok Michigan Blue VS Wellington Prowlers 8:15

  • By Lonny Lovins I am fresh off of the floor again from my refereeing shift, and today had an even better start than yesterday.   The Mites got us kicked off with a 6-5 thriller in which the Colorado Stallions edged out the Katios team from Colombia.  It was an intense game from the drop of the puck to the final buzzer.  A lot of open rink play, and nice passing.  Hopefully these teams get to meet again somewhere down the line, so that they can give us another showdown. I also got to take a l

  • STREAMING SCHEDULE FOR TODAY! Midget Silver- Goltz Hockey is Back VS Alkali Gamblers White12:00 PM Midget Silver - Team Rinos Na-Palm VS Mississauga Mission Rattlers1:30 PM Squirt Silver - Skills Competition 2:45 PM Pee Wee Silver - Mission Outcasts Black VS Tour Lizard Kings3:30 PM NARCh Cub Division Skills Competition 4:10 PM Pee Wee Silver - Capitals Hockey Club VS Team United5:30 PM NARCh Cub - Five Hole Squarepants VS Detroit Mission Sta

  • By Lonny Lovins I got the opportunity to referee a few games this morning. I like getting out on the floor, because it always gives me a good perspective on how the tournament is going for the players, coaches and fans.   The hockey was a lot of fun to watch this morning, as I got to see the Atoms, Mites, and Squirts play.  The little kids were playing really well, and most of the games were very competitive.  The Silver division is always fun, because the level of play differs so much from

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