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  • FRIENDLY REMINDER - THE NARCh PRO CHAMPIONSHIP WILL NOT BE ON LIVESTREAM.  Due to our obligation to Universal Sports you will have to tune into their network on August 6th at 7:30pm to watch the game as part of the NARCh Show.   10:00 Pro Quarterfinal – Labeda Snipers VS Black Ice 10:50 Pro Quarterfinal – Next Gen VS AZ Outcasts 11:45 Pro Quarterfinal – Alkali RPD VS Tour Excitement 12:40 Pro Quarterfinal – Pama Cyclones VS Vanquish 1:35 Junior Plat Final – Alkali Assault VS Alka

  • By Jeremy EllisDay number 2 of the 2014 NARCh Pro division has come to an end and that means that this whirlwind of 3 day action has entered playoff mode.  Seventeen teams entered into the fray yesterday knowing that only 9 would play more than the scheduled 4 games.  Some teams were just trying to make it in while others were more concerned with what seed they would end up with.With 9 playoff teams, having the number 1 seed has distinct advantages.  They go against a team that has played an

  • 9:45 35s – Rockets VS Labeda 10:30 35s – Avalanche Roller Hockey Club VS Florida Mashup 11:15 – Bantam Plat Champ – Scorpions VS Tour Roadrunners 1:00 – Peewee Plat Champ – Miami Roller Toros VS Tour Roadrunners 2:00 – Pro – Alkali Surge VS Tour Mudcats 2:50 – Pro – ISCA Grizzlies VS Alkali RPD 4:20 –  Men’s Plat – Team Rinos Na-Palm VS Pama Cyclones 5:05 – Girls Semifinal 5:50 – Girls Semifinal 7:20 – Pro – Labeda Snipers VS Alkali Assault 8:05 – PRO SKILLS

  • 11:20  - Midget Plat Championship 1:05 – Squirt Plat Championship 2:05 – Peewee Platinum Skills 2:50 – Pro – Pama Cyclones VS Tour LTD 4:20 – Pro – ISCA Grizzlies VS AZ Outcasts 5:05 – Pro – Alkali RPD VS Detroit Infamous 5:50 – Pro – Tour Excitement VS Black Ice 7:20 – Pro – Vanquish VS Pama Cyclones 8:10 – Pro – Labeda Snipers VS Tour Mudcats 9:00 – Pro – Detroit Infamous VS Tour Excitement

  • By Jeremy Ellis Rolling into Thursday July 24, 2014 and excitement is in the air.  All of the top guns have been rolling into the Germain Arena and that means one thing; NARCh Pro starts today! The best roller hockey players in the world have converged on Florida to seek fame and glory.  The annual ritual is one that this sport’s community looks forward to every year.  While other events have Pro divisions, the one that takes place every year at NARCh is the biggest and the best. The Missio

  • 11:20 Bantam Plat – Tour Roadrunners 99 VS Detroit Mission Stars 12:00 Bantam Plat – Tour Roadrunners 98 VS Scorpions 1:20 Peewee Plat – Mission Sting VS Miami Roller Toros 2:00 Peewee Plat – First Star Hockey Ducks VS Bauer Bordercats 2:40 Peewee Plat – PTC Skittles VS Tour Roadrunners 99 4:00 D1 Semifinal 4:45 D1 Semifinal 5:30 Peewee Plat – Reebok 99 Michigan VS Mission Sting 6:50 Junior Plat – Tour Roadrunners VS Team PhatTape 7:30 D1 Championship 8:30 Junior Plat – Alkali RP

  • 11:20 Bantam Plat – Alkali 97 VS Mississauga Mission Rattlers 97 12:00 Midget Plat Skills 12:40 D1 - Tour Excitement VS Alkali Assault 2:00 Bantam Plat – Tour Roadrunners 98 VS Bauer Bordercats 2:45 Midget Plat – Scorpions VS Tour Excitement 3:30 Bantam Plat Skills 4:15 Squirt Plat Skills 5:45 Squirt Plat – Bauer Bordercats VS Colorado Kodiaks 6:30 Squirt Plat – Halton Alkali Coyotes VS St. Louis Tour Blast Black 7:10 D1 – Artzak Drink Team VS ISCA Grizzlies 7:50 D1 – Next Gen Vanq

  • By: Lonny Lovins I am back in my black NARCh polo today, after being off the last couple of days.  I was on a playing hiatus, and I have to admit, I had some of the most fun I have ever had playing hockey.  Since I was off duty, I got to watch a lot more hockey, and interact with a lot more players than normal, and the consensus that I got from everyone, is that they were having a great time.   The playoff games were really tight, with most of the games being decided by a couple goals or les

  • 1:20 D1 – Tour Roadrunners Trizzoh VS Next Gen Vanquish 2:00 D1 – Tour LTD VS Mission Black Ice 2:45 D1 – Tour Roadrunners VS Alkali RPD 4:15 D1 – Tour Mudcats VS Tour Roadrunners Trizzoh 5:00 D1 – Mission Black Ice VS Team Rinos Na-Palm 5:45 D1 – Detroit Infamous VS Tour Roadrunners 7:10 – Midget Plat – Mission Outcasts VS Mission Black Ice 7:50 – Midget Plat – Bauer Bordercats VS Alkali Gamblers

  • 10:15 Mens Bronze Quarterfinal 11:00 Mens Bronze Quarterfinal 12:30 Mens Silver Quarterfinal 1:15 Mens Gold Playoff 2:45 Mens Silver Semifinal 4:15 Mens Bronze Championship 5:15 Mens Silver Championship 6:16 Mens Gold Championship

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