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  • The schedule, registration form, paperwork, and rules for the regional qualifiers can be found at on the NARCh website - Regional Info. March 29th-30th – San Jose – This is going to be a great kickoff to our season with 40-50 teams competing in a very busy weekend.  The deadline to register is Wednesday and we should have the schedule out this weekend. April 4th-6th – Hawaii and Missouri Qualifiers – Teams are still registering for both of these tournaments.  If you want in please call

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  • Step 1 - make a commitment call with Daryn Goodwin at 760-943-0049 or email at Step 2 - send in your registration form and fee.  Depending on when you register, this may need to be paid by credit card or overnighted. All other forms such as rosters and waivers are to be handed in at the tournament, not in advance.

  • By Lonny Lovins:   Another unseasonably warm day off of the "Great One's" highway, and the teams are playing tight to the finish.  With all the little tykes done yesterday, it was time for the big kids to take over the rink.  There was a lot of action, but outside of the preliminaries, the scores stayed pretty low today.  Both our Bantam and Midget divisions gave us some really exciting games.  Here is just a taste of what you missed if you weren't here today. Bantam Division - We star

  • By Lonny Lovins: Nor-Cal Cup is up and going in Stockton and we had a great day 1.  On a side note, coming from Silver Creek Sportsplex, which is the best facility I have been to, it is nice to see the facility in Stockton taken care of the way that it is.  From the clean glass, the well taken care of boards, and the nice floor, you can tell that they pride in the product they are providing.   The Atom and Mite divisions played all of their games today, providing us with a couple of really ex

  • Feb 22-23 Stockton

  • While we were here, we got to sample some great Italian food, as you should when you are in New York.  My favorite was the chicken parm sandwich we got from the deli down the street from the rink.  While I was eating it, I kept thinking of Ray Ferraro, good old "Chicken Parm" himself.  Which I thought would segue nicely into our first final of the day. 35 and over - In our first semi-final of the day, we had the Born2Puck team playing against the Ice Dogs.  Born2Puck hadn't really had any co

  • By Lonny Lovins Our day got a little longer as a couple of playoff games, a broken sheet of glass, and some cut fingers put us behind.  However, we are slowly creeping toward the end of the night, and we are anxiously awaiting the games to go final, so we can see where our teams will line up for tomorrow's playoffs.   Checking the weather, it looks like as if we may have some flurries of snow to go with our flurry of finals.  Obviously the rink is abuzz with anticipation of the storm, the onc

  • by Alex Morrison I may have borrowed that tagline from another company... Some people are fanatics for certain things.  For example, in California, it is hard to travel more than a mile in any major city without finding a Starbucks.  In Canada, the same can be said for Tim Horton's, and in New York, it is Dunkin' Donuts.  This is an example of 3 very successful companies that have branded themselves very well, and serve a product that is good enough for people to come back again and again. In

  • By Lonny Lovins With the last of our first 18 games wrapping up, it has been a fun day.  This is my first time in the Skate Safe arena, and I like the feel of the place.  It is kind of like an old barn with 2 nice hockey sheets.  It has a nice homey feel like my old rink growing up.  This is a place that is run by it's rink rats, as all of the kids and adults alike hang out here like it is the place to be, and for the next couple of days we are welcomed into their "home" to hang out as well.

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