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  • San Jose Nor Cal Cup Schedule

  • By Lonny Lovins  The tournament here in Irvine wrapped up last evening, and it was a good one.  I really enjoy coming to Irvine, the city is nice, and the rink is really well run.  Everyone is helpful and quick to jump if you need something done.  The team working at the Rinks, works just as hard as the teams on the rink.  A big thank you to Eddie Limbaga’s staff for helping us run smoothly.  I have my new Rink Rat “Identity” wheels.  I will put them to the test tonight, and let eve

  • May 3-4 San Jose NOR CAL CUP

  • May 3-4 North Carolina

  • By Lonny Lovins As we wind down here in Irvine, I am reflecting on a great tournament.  We saw a lot of great action on Sunday, and it makes me excited for the rest of the tournaments we have down the stretch.   There seems to be a pretty good buzz in the air about finals, and some of the new teams we saw are looking to make a mark in Florida.   Daryn hit on it earlier with his blog, Florida is going to be amazing.  Just being a part of the finals last year gave me a true sense of how a tour

  • By Lonny Lovins The weather has not been as warm as it was last year, but the hockey has been just as good if not better.  We wrapped up the Pro Division, Men's Platinum, and the Mite Divisions last night, and as always I will cover the play by play in my wrap up.  The finals last night provided a lot of drama, and I expect that today will also provide it's fair share of excitement. There have been a lot of "upsets" throughout the tournament, with some teams that got shelled by a team in the f

  • I’ve left most of the blogging recently to Lonny Lovins and Jeremy Ellis.  They’re both solid writers and give some good perspective, but I thought I’d at least chime in with some random thoughts from Irvine.Every year this is one of my favorite tournaments.   There’s something special about the great weather and open air of So Cal that makes this tournament and this facility a great place for inline hockey.  I consider this almost a home tourney since it’s 1 of only 2 tourneys I

  • By Lonny Lovins  While we definitely need the rain in California, we don’t need it to wash out the tournament for us.  So far, the rain has been kept off the floor, and we are hoping, it remains that way through the night.  Under the canopy here in Irvine, things have been moving right along.  The hockey is always fast down here, as teams gear up for the big finale in Florida.  Southern California provides some of the better teams we see when the finals roll around.  With the talent I ha

  • Irvine Regional Schedule

  • Explanation of Divisions for the 2014 NARCh Finals

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