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  • San Jose Regional Schedule, April 18th - 19th

  • Rich Garvey and I made the trip out to Florida to kick off our regional qualifying season here in the East.  Usually I come to this event a day early to enjoy the beach, but with San Jose next weekend and Irvine the following there’s not really any free time. From what I understand we’re up against a bunch of ice hockey tryouts this weekend.  We are also up against ice hockey tryouts in a few weeks in North Carolina and tryouts after that when we’re in Georgia.  Dodging ice hockey tryou

  • Florida Regional Schedule - April 10 - 12, 2015

  • Our first qualifier of the season in Escondido was on the lighter side in terms of attendance.  Almost all of the teams North of San Diego, which is everyone in California, are holding off for one of the later qualifiers in either Irvine or Huntington Beach.  With the FINALS being in So Cal for the first time we should see every competitive youth team at one of the regionals and the FINALS in the summer. The San Diego roller hockey community is growing and there seems to be multiple positive f

  • Escondido Regional Schedule 3/28-3/29

  • I feel confident that everyone that played NARCh this weekend at Skate Safe in Bethpage, NY had a great time.   Mike Vickerman joined me to Tournament Direct and he was in a little different role doing a lot of the busywork that is essential in running a smooth tournament rather than behind the video camera as he usually is.  It was funny hearing how he observed things that I’m numb to from being out here so much over the last 18 years running tournaments.  I thoroughly enjoy and appreciat

  • We’re a little over half way though this event so I think it’s time to chime in on a few things.  The 30 and over division is a huge hit with a great mix of old and younger talent, meaning barely 30.  After seeing how it’s playing out and how the West Coast Event went, I’m very happy that we changed the ages to 30 and over and 40 and over instead of 35s and 45s. Probably the stand out team of the tourney is the Halton Oakville Coyotes peewee team.  They won squirt platinum in Florida

  • 2015 EC Winternationals Schedule

  • The West Coast Winternationals photos  are available online for purchase at the following website:BC Photography   

  • By Lonny Lovins: As we wrapped up Winternationals in San Jose this year, it gave me a lot of time to reflect over the weekend we had had.  I can’t remember this many final games going to overtime, and I can’t remember the competition being so close in general.It is a testament to the sport, that teams are becoming more competitive, and the games are becoming closer.  It means that the game is evolving in all areas, and teams are taking it more seriously. It seems that the days are gone wh

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