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  • As everyone knows by now it will be the first time in the 22-year history of NARCh that we will be hosting two NARCh FINALS, California in June and Florida in July.  The reason for our decision is fairly simple.  Teams do not travel like they used to so this will give more teams an opportunity to get to the NARCh FINALS, regardless of where they live. While there have been a few critics we believe the numbers will speak the loudest.  There are a lot of people very excited to participate in th

  • By Lonny Lovins  NARCh wrapped up another regional in San Jose in stylish fashion.  The tournament ran like a well oiled machine, as we stayed on time throughout most of it, and the games were a lot of fun to watch.  People didn’t come here to see me write about the logistics though, so we will get right down to the hockey.  ATOM DIVISION - The Atom division featured four rival teams from the area, who always seem to produce good hockey players.  For the Atom Gold championship, we

  • April 23 - 26 Irvine

  • By: Lonny Lovins  It is about midway through the day here in San Jose, and since the Sharks have graciously decided to leave the Spring time hockey to the kids, we are seeing our best bay area hockey being played here at the Silver Creek Sportsplex.The best game of the day was turned in first thing this morning, as the Delta River Rats and the NCR Tour Elite tangled.  It is impressive to watch how the Squirts play.  They are disciplined, and driven, and they are able to do things with the

  • As you may have noticed I started the tourney recap process in the Sunday Morning Write Up.  Since the atoms and squirts were finished on Saturday what remains to discuss are the divisions that played out at the Skatium today. The mite gold championship would be a rematch between the Cayman Islands and the Gulf Coast Eagles.  When the two teams faced off the first time it would end with a 6-6 tie, so the rematch in the championship would be the perfect stage to claim a victor. The Eagles were

  • Due to the number of teams we will be starting Thursday Evening.  2015 Irvine Team List

  • Sunday Morning Update from the Skatium Two divisions ended yesterday, the atoms and squirts.  The atoms only had two teams so it was more of a 2 game exhibition than a true tourney, but don’t tell that to the kids and parents.  They were super excited to be part of the event and the noise in the building was definitely the loudest for these couple of days. Cayman Islands took it to the Blackjacks the first game, but the championship was a much closer affair.  #77 for CI was the workhorse in

  • San Jose Regional Schedule, April 18th - 19th

  • Rich Garvey and I made the trip out to Florida to kick off our regional qualifying season here in the East.  Usually I come to this event a day early to enjoy the beach, but with San Jose next weekend and Irvine the following there’s not really any free time. From what I understand we’re up against a bunch of ice hockey tryouts this weekend.  We are also up against ice hockey tryouts in a few weeks in North Carolina and tryouts after that when we’re in Georgia.  Dodging ice hockey tryou

  • Florida Regional Schedule - April 10 - 12, 2015

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