Championship Sunday

Well it’s 5am here at the Silver Creek Sportsplex. The bad news is that Starbucks isn’t open yet. The good news is that it’s quiet enough to write a blog before the day gets crazy.

Today is a day of championships for many divisions, 13 in all. We start off with our squirt division matchups with the West Coast High Rollers vs Rampage Delta for the the silver title, and the San Jose Tsunami and KIHA Warriors in Gold. It’s worth noting how for the KIHA Program has come in such a short time. This particular group did well in mites too just a few years ago, but the whole program from Hawaii has really improved, which is saying a lot considering they’re on an island, literally.

Jamie Yoder moved out to Hawaii and took the hockey director position at KIHA about a year ago. Jamie is a tremendously hard worker on the rink and has a team-first mentality. I used to hate to play against him because he’s so sound defensively. My joke was that it’s like trying to score on two goalies because he blocks tons of shots. He’s certainly been well received and everyone has bought into his team philosophy and it’s showing on the rink here at WINTERNATIONALS. Richard Pentecost has given everyone a wonderful opportunity by opening the KIHA Facility in the first place.

Our other morning championships include peewee, where the NorCal Extreme and Rampage Delta will face off for the silver championship and Anarchy Red and Delta River Rats Black will battle it out for gold. In the afternoon it really gets busy, as it will be championship games straight through until late night. Pro will be especially exciting to watch as the intensity will get cranked up quite a few notches since 10 grand is up for grabs.

About 11pm last night I was watching a mens game and got truly inspired. Not exactly the feeling that I thought would be going through my body after being at the rink for 17 hours. I’ve watched No Green Cards Brasil in action a few games, but it never dawned on me that a player only had one arm. The reason that I didn’t notice, is because he’s damned good and has absolutely overcome his disadvantage. At the point that I stopped watching his team was up 1-0 and he had the only tally. Way to go Pat Johnson, you’re awesome!

We should have a new video up this morning from some of the highlights we caught yesterday. We’ll also continue to post random pictures from the action today but probably won’t post as many since our focus will be on the championships.

If anyone makes a Starbucks run, bold coffee with cream and sugar would be greatly appreciated!

Day 3, here we go!