We Are Out Here in the ATL!

by Daryn Goodwin

By Jeremy Ellis

Welcome to Atlanta – ‘Where the playas play, and we ride on them things like every day’ – Thanks Ludacris, I couldn’t have said it better myself!

This is my first ever trip to the ATL for hockey and it is refreshing to be in some new digs.  Florida and California are great but adding a new rink to the list is always a highlight.  The memories have already come rushing back for colleagues and players.  Alex said he remembers the Cooler vividly from 1998 and 1999.  He was probably running around updating boards and worrying about Y2K!

It was an early start for yours truly this morning as we were here bright and early adding some final touches and making sure the rinks were dialed in.  There is no chance to catch my breath though as we jumped right into games at noon with the 16u division.  The action does not stop though as we jump right into NARCh Pro right away on Day 1.  Each team in the Pro division plays 2 games today so points will be a premium.  Two teams will be on the outside looking in come playoff time.  In addition, the to the Pros and 16s, the women will take to the floor today as well.

It is hot down here!  However, the rink inside is very cool and comfortable with the AC units working hard.  The area around the rink is chock full of activities.  There is a bowling complex, Top Golf, Go-Karts, multiple shopping malls, bars and restaurants; something for everyone in between games!

Make sure to stop by the great bar/restaurant here at the Cooler.  Finleys upstairs is ready to quench your thirst with a smile.  We tested them out last night and they passed with flying colors.  We are looking forward to high fiving and shaking hands with all the familiar faces and meeting the new ones as well here this week.  Welcome to the 2018 NARCh Finals!