Teams are traveling from everywhere to attend the '17 FINALS!

by Daryn Goodwin

If you live in the States, there’s not a better year to travel to the FINALS in Toronto, as the exchange rate is fantastic! 

In the last two weeks we’ve talked to many teams traveling a great distance to attend the ’17 FINALS in San Jose and/or Toronto.  For example:

  • 4 teams from Namibia will be coming to the FINALS in San Jose! 
  • Youth, men’s, and women’s teams from France will be attending the FINALS in Toronto. 
  • Many different programs from South America will be attending either the FINALS in San Jose or Toronto! 
  • Cayman Islands will be bringing teams not only to the FINALS in Toronto, but also the regional qualifier in Irvine!
  • The Bend Bullets from Oregon will be bringing teams to regionals in San Jose and Irvine, and also making the trip to Toronto!
  • Many teams from Northern California have expressed interested in traveling to Toronto as well!  We know the NCR Konixx Elite will be there, as they never miss a NARCh FINALS, no matter where it’s held.

The real question is, will you be there?  Start your trip planning now!