Team USA General Information - most specific to the Jr Mens Team

by Daryn Goodwin

We are very excited to have NARCh involved with Team USA and the National Development Program going forward.  For the first time, we have the leaders in the sport on the same page, moving in the same direction.   2024 Team USA Coaching Staff.

We hope to grow the exposure for Team USA and the National Develop Program so there’s a clear path that every high-level player understands and wants to be part of, starting at a young age.  The first step is filing a player application.  Please do it now, do not wait for the deadline.  - Player Application.

This year I will personally be coaching the Team USA Jr Team (06,07s) along with help of my assistant coaches Dan Maxwell and Anthony Violante.  The team will compete in the World Championships in Roccaraso, Italy.   Dates for each team.

The selection committee, our coaching staff, and coaches from other teams have our eyes out for players that may be a great fit for this team.  We are also thinking about younger players for future teams.

Over the next few months at NARCh and State Wars Events we will be paying more attention to potential players this age.   We will also be having a Player Develop Camp at the NARCh Regional in Irvine before the tournament starts.  

This will be a great opportunity to get the best players that want to be on the team (or next years team) on the rink at the same time competing against each other. 

While it’s inevitable that not every person will agree with who makes or doesn’t make the team, the goal is to make sure that every eligible player knows about the opportunity and pursues it if interested.

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