Southern California Regional Qualifier Update!

by Daryn Goodwin

So Cal Regional Update!

This event will take place April 22nd-25th.  Out of town teams will not start until Friday Morning the 23rd.    

The primary facility used will be Corona Inline.  Irvine Inline will also be used, but with more restrictions in place than Corona.   The good news is that we will be able to host a large event with the use of both facilities and all teams that want to participate should be able to, as long as they get registered properly soon.

Here’s the catch.   AT THIS TIME only teams from Orange, LA, Riverside, or San Diego County will be able to participate at Irvine Inline.  We will have access to 1 or 2 rinks, not all 3 rinks. 

Additional requirements for Irvine include:

  • Temperature checks for everyone.
  • One spectator per player.
  • Time in between games to sanitize.
  • In 15 minutes before the game and 15 minutes out after game.
  • No locker rooms use.

Having said all of this, keep in mind that these are the requirements if the tournament were to start tomorrow.  We still have a month before the event and if we have Covid-19 progress this next month as we’ve had the last month, it’s most likely that some of the Irvine facility requirements will ease further.  They are just starting the reopening process and taking a safe, conservative approach, which we totally understand.

Keep in mind these are the restrictions are for our upcoming event in April, not the NARCh FINALS in July!

We are very excited to be back and have a great event in California and hope your team will be joining us!

NARCh Staff