Skills Competition Schedule and Information

by Daryn Goodwin

23 Finals Skills Competitions - Skills Only Schedule

The Skills Competition is always one of the highlights at the NARCh FINALS.   It’s not all about winning or losing the competition, but more about showcasing skills and sharing the fun environment with your teammates and players from other teams.  We also go through great lengths to capture the moments from the competitions through photos and videos and share them through our social media channels.

The costs is $30 and every participant gets a Skills T-Shirt.  You can register at the Merchandise Booth at least 2 hours before the Skills Competition takes place.  Last minute registrations will not be accepted. 

One change this year is that players have to choose between fastest skater and sniper, they cannot do both for $30.  The last few years we've let the players in the Sniper Competition also do Fastest Skater for free.   Due to this, our skills competitions ran very long, and we simply do not have enough time this year.   If a player really wants to compete in both it would cost $30 for each.

The Fastest Skater, Sniper, and Top Goalie will receive incredible trophies and recognized for their accomplishment.

We highly recommend participating in the 2023 NARCh Skills Competitions at the NARCh FINALS!

T-Shirt Design below.