Roster Forms and Important Info for Winternationals

by Daryn Goodwin

All Rosters must be turned in complete, along with RHA forms and payment if players do not have the yearly RHA Membership, before the 2ND GAME!!!!  

Once the roster is turned in, it's OFFICIAL.  You cannot get your roster back and add players.  if there is a player that might show up but you're not sure, make sure they're on your roster when you hand it in and if they do show up they can check in and sign the roster on their arrival.

Reminder - every player has to play in at least one preliminary game to be eligible for playoffs.  Also, under no circumstance can a player play on multiple teams in the same age group.  For example, a player can't play men's gold and also men's silver, or Pro and any other men's team.   Players can play on multiple teams if it's a different age category.

Youth Roster

Adult Roster

POA Info. - Note, copies of Birth Certificates are fine to show at Winternationals.

If you'd like to get the RHA YEARLY MEMBERSHIP  you can only do so online, not at the event.  Please take care of this prior to the tournament, not last minute at the event.   2024 RHA Weekend Form.

Any questions, email