by Daryn Goodwin

For anyone that plays ice hockey and knows anything about inline hockey, two things are certain.  1) It’s fun to play 2) It helps you develop skills that are also essential playing ice hockey. 

There are currently over 15 players in the NHL that grew up playing NARCh. 

What?  They didn’t play year round ice? 

That’s correct, they played roller hockey in the summer. They came back to the ice the end of summer hungry to play, more skilled due to inline hockey, and in shape. 

Going into the NHL All Star Break here are a few veteran NARCh Players that have had a very successful first half to their season.  We wish them the very best the rest of the season!

Goals aren't everything, but still the most emphasized statistic.

Pat Maroon - Oilers - 18 goals


Ryan Kesler - Ducks - 18 goals


Sam Gagner - Bluejackets - 14 goals


Jason Zucker - Wild - 14 goals


Paul Stastny - Blues - 12 goals


Bobby Ryan - Senators - 11 goals