Need new jerseys? Look no further!

by Daryn Goodwin

NARCh partners with Grasshopper Gamewear!

Our philosophy at NARCh has ALWAYS been to make sure the sport is presented in a professional manner.  We’ve always stress that teams must have matching and numbered jerseys.

Many times we deal with clubs that show up to a tourney with a uniform issue.  They ordered jerseys but they didn’t arrive when promised, stuck in customs, etc.  They’re left scrambling to look presentable at the tournament but are unorganized and stressed out.  It’s honestly not just embarrassing for the team, but reflects poorly on the tournament as well as the sport in general.

NARCh has always been a little cautious of particular partnerships.  We’ve built our reputation with years of 100% follow through and professionalism.  You’re never going to play in an unorganized NARCh Event. 

Having said that, we have a ton of confidence in our new jersey partner, Grasshopper Gamewear.    They produce more than jerseys and also offer matching pants and various team specific outerwear.

I’ve known both Nick and Dave for over 15 years and they love the sport.  Not to say that others don’t, but they are manufacturing at THEIR OWN SHOP with their own equipment.  They’re not sending an order to a 3rd party in another country, which is where most of the issues arise.

Grasshopper is 100% hands on, pricing is good, and turnaround time is great!  They’re already outfitted some of NARCh’s most prominent programs, such as HB Militia, Cyclones, and Konnix Outcasts.

Key benefits include: 

-USA Manufacturer

-Quick leadtimes: 14-day guarantee. As quick as 7 days (with rush charge)


-Quality and Affordable

-No Minimums

If you need one more reason to give them your next order, how’s this.  YOU WILL RECEIVE $100 OFF YOUR NEXT NARCh ENTRY FEE with a team jersey order.

Give them a try, you won’t be disappointed.

Contact Grasshopper Gamewear at

The quality, weight, design, and turnaround time on Grasshopper uniforms is already unreal but when you combine that with the price it's hard to go elsewhere. I'm 5 orders in on uniforms for various teams I've ordered for and we haven't had one issue, glitch, or late delivery. It's so nice to know that when you place an order with Grasshopper and give them the date you need to have your stuff, it's there, no worries, no hassles.  - Nick Boyarsky

Head Coach AZ Outcasts / ASU Rollerhockey