NARCh FINALS East - Host Hotels!

by Daryn Goodwin

We have partnered with PSE as our housing bureau for the East Coast FINALS.  PSE is based out of Michigan and has worked with the hotels in and around Taylor, Michigan for many, many events.   Teams that go through the booking link will receive a free room for every 15 booked.  This should help coaches with many larger programs to receive a free room.

This will be honored at all hotels except the Best Western.


If you have specific questions about any of these hotels or reservations, feel free to email Stephanie at PSE and she’ll be happy to answer your questions.

NOTE - The team fee is the SAME for all teams!  Teams will not receive a discount in the registration fee for staying at a host hotel and are not required to stay at a host hotel.  All teams will have to turn in a housing form at the tournament so we can track the overall scope of the event and gather information for further tournaments. 

East Coast FINALS Block Schedule - East Coast Block Schedule