Men’s Division Update!

by Daryn Goodwin

We are getting many enquiries from Men’s Teams that have never played at the NARCh FINALS, which is awesome!  The most common question is, “Do we have to qualify to play in the FINALS?”

Simple answer:  No you don’t!  You just register for the FINALS online and come compete.

We obviously encourage teams participate in the regional qualifiers.  They’re great events too and get teams even more motivated and excited to compete at the FINALS.  If you’ve never played NARCh is also gives you an indication what division your team will fit in best at the NARCh FINALS.

The growth of the Men’s Division over the last 5 years has been awesome to witness.  We attribute most of the growth to the fact that the youth players age out but still enjoy playing NARCh, so they’re continuing to participate as adults.  Many are starting to have kids of their own, so we’ve started to see more 2nd generation growth as well.

Our first qualifier of the season in San Jose has 8 men’s teams competing and we expect great turnouts at most of the regional qualifiers.

If you have any questions about NARCh always feel free to email

This year the NARCh FINALS are held in San Jose in June and Mississauga in July.   Here is a quick video with some footage from the men’s divisions the last time we were at the Hershey Centre in Mississauga.