Matching Jerseys will be strictly enforced at NARCh FINALS!

by Daryn Goodwin

Years ago we had a rule that if jerseys don't match you will be assessed a 2-minute minor to start the game.  

Due to seeing more and more teams with jerseys that do not match, we are going to enforce this rule at the NARCh FINALS!  For each game that your team does not have matching jerseys, your team will start short-handed with a 2-minute minor.  We would hate for this to come into play, so we highly suggest you get matching jerseys well before the event.  We also highly recommend you get a couple extra jerseys in case any go missing.  HOME AND AWAY Jerseys are required to participate.

The NARCh FINALS starts in 10-weeks.  Typical turnaround on jersey production is 4-6 weeks. If you order them soon you have plenty of time!   The response "Our manufacturer promised we would have them in time and they're still not here" is not a valid excuse.

UNIFY GAMEWEAR.  is a company we use a lot and highly recommend!  Also, once they do your jerseys you can re-order small amounts to replenish some that may go missing over time.

If not Unify,  Alkali Hockey and Mavin Hockey  are two other reputable options.

We can't stress enough how important this is.  Thank you for complying.

NARCh Staff