Last 3 days of FINALS! What you need to know......

by Daryn Goodwin


We are down to our last 3 days of the NARCh FINALS.  The atmosphere has been electric, weather fantastic, and most importantly, the competition and games have been incredible!

If you're not here, there are two ways to watch games.  Thanks to the Ducks, CIH MEDIA has come out to Livestream and commentate the Pro Games, alongside our long time announcer Jeremy Ellis.  When games are live, you can watch here Watch Games.

LIVEBARN also streams the games played on the Casey and Corey Rink.  We understand LiveBarn has been down a few times during the event, but for the most part, it's been great!  Please understand, we have nothing to do with this service.

The NARCh Pro Skills Competition was rescheduled to today at 4:30 on the Casey Rink between games 534 and 537.  We had a lot of exciting things happening at the rink yesterday, including glass breaking.  

If you're just tuning into the NARCh FINALS, here's the Full Schedule and Scoring.

We've witnessed some incredible action and looking forward to what's in store these last 60 hours.   

We have content to share for months to come, so stay tuned to our Youtube, Facebook, and Instagram.

Thanks for being a part of the North American Roller Hockey Championships.