Konixx Electron Premiers at NARCh West

by Daryn Goodwin

2016 saw the entry of a new wheel company and in turn a new NARCh sponsor; Konixx Hockey. Coming into an already packed wheel market, Konixx decided to mix it up and do things a little different with primarily direct to consumer sales, through their site Konixx.com. Like most brands that sell direct, this cuts out a store mark up and brings players a lower price for a high end product. 

Last summer at both NARCh Finals, as well as Winter Nationals this past January, Konixx bought their "Free Demo" program to the events, allowing NARCh participants to not just see, touch, and feel the newest wheel on the market, but to actually use it in a game. This was a great way to introduce any skeptical customer to something new and from the amount of Konixx wheels we see throughout the events, it seems like their plan to get people excited about their wheels works!

This summer Konixx will be back at it again, both in San Jose and Toronto; this time along with their very popular Pure wheel, they'll be introducing a new wheel to their product family; the Electron. This new Konixx wheel will be available on their site later this month, so for the time being those at NARCh West will be getting a pre-release opportunity. We've already noticed a few of the Konixx Outcasts and Pure players on them at our last qualifier in Escondido, CA just a few short weeks ago and starting later this week, we're sure to see many more. Make a point to stop by the Konixx booth in San Jose and Toronto this summer and not just check out the Pure and the Electron, but give them a skate!

To read more about the Electron, check out their release blog on Konixx.com https://www.konixx.com/blogs/news/announcing-the-electron