It's ON in California!

by Daryn Goodwin

NARCh Update – California Specific

We are getting many questions daily about our events in California, as the state has been very slow/cautions to reopen. Thankfully, that is now changing due to a multitude of positive reasons.

If your team is from outside California and has been hesitant about the NARCh FINALS happening, we feel safe saying the NARCh FINALS are 100% going to happen in July.  Start your preparation to travel to an amazing NARCh FINALS Experience that your team will never forget!   The block schedule and host hotel info can be found at

Coming up quickly is our NARCh Regional Qualifier set for Irvine on April 22nd-25th.  (local teams will start Thursday afternoon/evening, out of town teams will start Friday Morning).   This tournament will 100% happen, with one caveat.   We are hoping to use The Rinks in Irvine as our main facility with Corona Inline for overflow.  If for some reason we are not able to use Irvine, the event will strictly be in Corona.

If this happens, we can only fit 65 teams in the tournament, which is just over half the size of our typical Irvine Qualifier with 120 teams.  What that means is that many teams in California that have been waiting for California to open are going to miss out on this tournament due to the simple fact that we don’t have room/rink time.  

We already have many teams registered.  If you are planning to play in this tournament regardless of whether it’s in Irvine or Corona, we suggest YOU REGISTER NOW!  No guarantees on getting in if you don’t.

Having said that, we are hopeful that Irvine is open, and we can also use Corona and accommodate all teams.   We will likely have a firm answer on this next week.

An additional sign of California heading in the right direction, just got word that they can resume their league play with games in San Diego.   This is a 2-rink facility in Escondido owned and operated by the City of Escondido.   A great sign, and also the facility for our tournament on May 14th-16th.  

We have never been more excited and energized about the future of NARCh and hope that your team is planning on participating in an event soon, as well as the ’21 NARCh FINALS!

NARCh Staff