Important NARCh FINALS Information

by Daryn Goodwin

Please read carefully! There’s new information as well as important reminders. 

The FINAL TEAM LIST is up.   We are starting the schedule and hope to release it on Tuesday, 28th.   Even with 241 teams we are able to keep all games at The Rinks in Irvine.  Every day will be a very long day, but I’m sure everyone would prefer that over bouncing back and forth between facilities.

The Girls/Women’s Divisions continues to grow.  26 teams are competing in these divisions at the NARCh FINALS.  There are also more girls playing in the youth boys divisions than ever before. 

Due to this, and the increased talent we’ve seen recently at the highest level, we’ve decided to offer prize money and have a Women’s Pro Division.   $3,000 will go to the winning team at the NARCh FINALS.  The young girls in roller hockey should have a Pro Division to aspire to play in just like the boys do!

One rule that will be strictly enforced at the NARCh FINALS is there will only be a maximum of 3 coaches on the bench.  Coaches must be on the roster and have RHA Insurance.  This does not mean 2 coaches and a parent photographer, or anyone else.  Only coaches. 

The benches in Irvine are very small and we have NARCh Photographers and Videographers that need to have access to benches.   Anyone is welcome to shoot behind the glass and encouraged to do so.  We love exposure for the sport!  THERE ARE NO EXCEPTIONS!

LiveBarn has now partnered with The Rinks.  If you're not familiar with LiveBarn it's a streaming platform in hundreds of rinks across the country.  The Corey and Casey Rinks have cameras.  With a subscription to Live Barn, you can watch these games live, watch them later, and even clip highlights from the games.  NARCh has nothing to do with the subscription to Live Barn but we’re very excited that The Rinks are providing this.

If you are lucky enough to make it to a Championship Game at the NARCh FINALS, we have one change.   No Parents will be allowed on the floor after the Championships.  There are many reasons for this.  With tons of foot traffic also comes a lot of dirt tracked on the floor.  It is also very difficult for us to do our jobs with the Championship Photos with so many parents trying to do the same.

It's a very special moment to spend with your child right after they win a championship, and we want parents to be able to enjoy the moment as well.  For this reason, we’ve purchased a Championship Booth/Backdrop where you can go right after the game and take as much time as you want getting great photos and enjoy the victory.

NARCh will still take team photos by the net and Action Shots Photography will take a photo of each player receiving their NARCh Medal.  

The Skills Competition is always a highlight of the NARCh FINALS.  The Skills Competition Schedule and more information will be released next week.

Enjoy your weekend!

NARCh Staff