Important information about traveling to Canada.

by Daryn Goodwin

- Travel to/from Canada by airplane requires a valid passport.

- Visitors to Canada: SOURCE: Visiting Canada You must carry proper identification for yourself and any children traveling with you to help confirm your legal right or authorization to enter Canada when you arrive.

All visitors arriving from or transiting through the United States should visit the US Customs and Border Website for information concerning the requirements to enter, transit through, or return to the United States.

Information on Minor children entering Canada as a visitor and traveling with parents other than their own - Visiting Minors

For anyone coming to Canada who has a DUI: traveling with a record

Normally, if you have been convicted of an offense, such as mischief or driving under the influence, you cannot enter Canada without a permit that has a processing fee of C$200.

However, as of March 1, 2012, you may be able to get a temporary residence permit for one visit without having to pay the C$200 processing fee if you: have served no jail time, and have committed no other acts that would prevent you from entering Canada.  See here for link to apply for a temporary resident visa: Apply for temporary residence visa