Great Finishes. New Beginnings.

by Daryn Goodwin

by Alex Morrison

Today at the NARCh Finals marked the end of the event for many players, as 14u, 18u and Division 1 all wrapped up their divisions.  The LA Winterhawks showed that they were the undisputed kings of the rink in the 14u division, the Tour Roadrunners looked great in taking home the D1 title, and 5 other cups were handed out on this short, yet busy day.  Make sure you listen in to the next NARCh podcast for some insight and great interviews after these games took place.

One of the more interesting (and exhausting) periods was the 8u division Skills Competition.  Over 75 kids took to the floor, and in a 2 hour display of talent, there were some great moments, and highlights that will follow some of these players for the rest of their hockey careers.  We had over 60 kids participating in the fastest skater competition, over 60 in the sniper competition, and over a dozen goalies taking part in the shootout!  The atmosphere in the building was great… and perhaps the best moment was when “I can make your hands clap” was playing, and all of the kids were tapping their sticks on the floor to the music.  We all got a smile out of that one.  It even encouraged me to run back and cue up the Cha Cha Slide and YMCA, just to keep the kids busy and engaged while they had to wait their turn to shoot.

The 8u division started today, and all of the teams are just finishing up their second game.  Our staff gets to take a breather, as we have about 18 hours off before returning tomorrow for the continuation of 8u, the start of 6u, 30 & Over, Men’s Gold and Men’s Silver.  We are looking forward to the break, and looking forward to more hockey tomorrow, as we basically start a brand new event!  See you this weekend.