Friday Afternoon Update from Irvine

by Daryn Goodwin

We’re mid-way through our Friday here in Irvine and I thought I’d throw out a few quick thoughts.  First and by far most importantly, I’d like to wish my wife Tanya a very Happy Birthday!  35 never looked so good!  NARCh is a lot of work and she does so much behind the scenes that nobody every realizes.  Most just recognize her as the happy mom working the merchandise booth.  If you read this and are cruising by the booth, tell Tanya Happy Birthday and a thank her for all she does if you love NARCh.

Clutch Hockey is here and has a shooting booth where you can take a crack at some targets as well as try out their sticks and gloves.  They also have some soft goods and their hats have been a huge hit all regional season.

Glenn Evans is here representing Labeda and in charge of the bbq grill.  Labeda is raffling off a killer longboard with all of the proceeds going towards the USA Men’s Senior Team traveling overseas this summer.   Not sure how Glenn is on Team USA when I first played against him in the 90’s when he was representing the UK, but there must be some rule since he’s now lived here so long.  Make sure you bust his chops about that when you get a hot dog from him.  He may sneak in some bangers and mash on you instead.

The group from Cayman Islands are having a blast and most of them turned this trip into a vacation.  Their 8s haven’t played yet but their 10’s have a win and a loss, and the 12’s won their first game.  A nail biter beating the San Diego Rockets 05’s by a score of 4-3.  Almost all of the youth teams in the tournament have played either one or two games thus far.

Perfect California Weather on tap for this weekend.  We have a relaxed staff dress code for this, as we’re way more comfortable in shorts in this unique venue.  Nice breeze flowing through the rinks right now and everyone seems to be having a great time, regardless of the outcome of their games.

More to come as the event plays out…