Team Managers - Please Read! Check in process at NARCh FINALS

by Daryn Goodwin

Make sure to read and clearly understand the following.

General Rules and Procedure
Seeding Rules
Player Eligibility

Registration Process.

Preferably before your 1st game, but mandatory before your 2nd game we will need the following forms filled out and complete.

  • Roster (minor) or Roster (adult) These are fillable forms!  Please type and print ahead of time.  Roster is to be turned in with the weekend RHA forms and $ for those that don't have the yearly RHA Membership.  For youth players, Birth Certificates are also shown at the same time you turn in the roster for those not on the POA LIST.  Once your roster is turned in, it's official.  you cannot get your roster back to add players!
  • 2023 RHA Weekend Form
  • Acceptable Proof of Age  - Acceptable Proof of Age

Please DO NOT try to check your team in unless ALL Paperwork is in order and you're prepared to hand everything in at one time!  Roster/Waivers and RHA Forms are to be handed in at the same time by the team manager.