A view of NARCh Pro from the outside

by Daryn Goodwin

By Rob Woods

TORONTO!! NARCh seems as if the best NARCh pro games always happen here! unfortunately I couldn’t make it to this year's NARCh but I still have a love for the game 2000 miles away and will be watching every minute of live stream I can. One thing I am very excited about and LOVE  that NARCh is one of the only tournaments that release pro rosters before the tourney starts. It’s a cool little thing always to look at and kind of predict how the tourney will turn out. Even though majority of the Players already know who's playing who. That’s one thing amazing about the roller hockey community and NARCh, at the end of the day everyone is family. It’s a real different experience i believe most sports don’t have like we have. We can be battling it out, blood, sweat, cursing , high sticks, and tears but at the end of the day The Boys are Boys always! That’s one thing no other sport has like we do.

Looking at the NARCh pro rosters you see some unbelievable talent. Basically all of the Team USA IIHF gold medal team is playing in this tourney which means some serious talent will be on display! Then you have a ton of young and upcoming talent that is always interesting to see how they play out in playing PRO where the game is faster, stronger and harder to adjust. From a outsider's view this is who I see as the Top 5 teams to watch in the tourney.

Black Ice

You take a look at Black Ice and there team is just as solid as ever. I mean these guys having been playing for together for how long? The way they move the puck is the best in the game. The Chemistry they have is bar none. It is mesmerizing watching this team play they bring so much excitement to the game. Especially coming off a Torhs 2hot4ice pro championship win! They looked good as ever, maybe better than last year!

Labeda Snipers

You then take a look at Labeda Snipers and that team is stacked head to toe in Veteran Talent. With the best goalie in roller hockey Troy Redman, as there netminder it will be hard to beat this team. They are always in it at the end of the tourney. Especially with the addition of Brandon Hawkins who’s shot is harder than a cannon. Greg Thompson and the gang always comes to play!


RPD looks like RPD , fast , aggressive , smart, and looking to win a pro title! This team is always stacked with young talent that wants to win! A great mix of guys that have been playing with each other for a while now.  Watching this team is a treat as they are one of the most exciting teams to watch. They bring so much speed and beautiful passing. It will be a fun time to see how this team plays out in the end.

Konixx /RV ELE

The last team we  have here that is going to give you a lot of looks Is Konixx/RV ELE the team name speaks for itself as to who’s on there. One thing that jumps out is the goalie tandem McCollum and Dwyer that Could be the best in the tournament, two rock solid goalies. This team has some veteran leadership from Cripps and Kendall then is mixed with some young very skilled talent. Look for Parker Moskal to put on a show in the divison as he has in the regionals.

PAMA Labeda Golden Knights

PAMA everyone knows them and always knows they bring a team to play every tourney. This team just like Black Ice has the best chemistry in the game. The players have been playing with each other for years and our a true hockey family. Travis Noe will be looking to make a big impact on their team as well as D man Joey Doran one of the best in the game. This team has some serious talent that can take the gold.

It’s going to be exciting to see these top 5 teams play and see who can make it out victorious!

But that doesn't mean there isn’t some unexpected talent that might shock the tourney and that is always fun to see happen. Or could we have a beginning of a new powerhouse in the pro division ? I see these TOP 3 underdogs making a name for themselves this tourney.

ISCA Grizzlies

This team is full of young and underrated talent that will shock a lot of people. It will be interesting to see how this team comes together as a team as a lot of there players are from all over the country. Keep  an eye out for Austin Resseguie as he brings hard forecheck pressure and aggressiveness. Goaltender Corey Walters plays big in big games. If this team is playing it might be a game worth watching.

Tour Roadrunners

When you look at this roster you see a ton of young talent, Max Halvorsen and Joey Dimartino which are going to be studs someday in the pro division. Then there's one other name that pops out at you that in his prime DOMINATED roller hockey Jerry Osterkamp. There's no better veteran that you can add to your team that has been through it all. I am super excited to see how he plays and how he shows these younger players a true leader that still has it. But you can’t forget noting one of the best goalies in the game Keith Johnson! The kid is a pure stud and is making a name for himself these recent years.


Always a very well put together team by a very exciting coach to watch coach! Larry Adegoke and JC Campagna are two of the biggest names that will jump out to you as these two when playing good together are very dangerous. They have a solid D core lead by Nick Okada. This team can be dangerous when they are on a hot streak.

Top 5 Players to watch 

F- Matt White - Labeda Snipers

F - Parker Mosal - Konixx/ RV ELE

D - PJ Dimartino - Black Ice

D - Greg Thompson - Labeda Snipers


G - Keith Johnson - Tour Roadrunners

Stay Tuned for an updated blog after round robin play!