A Player's View

by Daryn Goodwin

by Raine Hernandez - Mississauga Rattlers Player

It's been roughly two years since I've attended a NARCh Regional. I've missed it like crazy, but man it's great to be back. It's an excellent way for myself, but as well as others, to get a small taste for what's to come later this summer.

The sport has come a long way in Canada since I began playing in 2009. For me, it's great to see the game grow from what it once was eight years ago. To see all the younger kids to experience such a world-class tournament, an experience that I myself cherish every time I'm attending a NARCh tournament, makes my heart warm up.

Phil Nolan has done a tremendous job growing the game here, and to assemble so many competitive Rattler teams. From squirt to men's, all the teams have played well, and hopefully my team (as well as myself) can bear down and draw up a couple of victories. However that's not the point. 

Also, kudos to Rob Morgan for getting a bunch of very strong teams at every division. It's a nice rivalry that both Rob and Phil (who are good friends) have established over the years, and it'll be a treat to watch both organizations to compete on Championship Sunday.

While all divisions have been fairly even, the most entertaining division to watch this weekend has been the Midget division. All the games have been close, as well as a fair share of upsets.  The First Star Hockey Ducks, the champions of Bantam Platinum of last years East Coast Finals, currently stand at 1-2, after falling to the 2001/2000 Halton squad, and the Ragecats. Hopefully they can regain their championship level play tomorrow. 

All in all, the Mississauga regional has yet to disappoint, with the best roller ahead of us. Championship Sunday will be a dandy and hopefully everyone will be even more amped for the East Coast Finals in July.