'23 NARCh FINALS Schedule!

by Daryn Goodwin

We are very excited to kick off the 2023 NARCh FINALS next Thursday!  There are some amazing games scheduled that we can’t wait to watch!  Many of the matchups feature teams from different parts of the World that obviously have never faced each other before.

This was a very difficult schedule, utilizing 5 rinks at two locations when necessary.  We maximized our usage at Irvine to minimize our usage at Corona.  

We felt that most teams would rather play very early or late instead of having games in Corona and deal with potential game conflicts at two facilities, as well as traffic and the inconvenience that goes with it all.  

We are very grateful that we have Corona Inline available to utilize, otherwise we would not be able to have a tournament this large.   305 teams are competing in this years’ FINALS.

In the next 48 hours we will be sharing some basic information.  Make sure to keep an eye out for it, read it thoroughly, and distribute to your teammates/parents so everyone is properly informed.