2022 NARCh Finals Women's Pro Preview - What to Expect

by Daryn Goodwin

By: Celeste Loyatho

For the first time ever at NARCh Finals we have a Women’s Pro division with a $3,000 cash prize up for

grabs. First of all, major props to Daryn on recognizing the growth of this division and the need for it to

be called Women’s Pro. We have seen a significant growth in girls roller hockey over the last few years.

It’s important that these girls see a Women’s Pro division exists in roller hockey and is something they

can strive to play in one day.

We could dive deeper into that but let’s focus on the ridiculous talent playing the Women’s Pro and

what to expect out of each team.

It’s important to note that there are 5 teams in this division and the playoff format only allows for 4

teams to advance to the semi-finals making every game an important 2 points. No one wants to be that

last place team that gets bounced.

Complete Round Robin Schedule

Players to Watch

Hi-Chew Fantasy Mix: Blake Bolden, Keely Moy, Asher Printzen

Pama Labeda Golden Knights: Corina Weimann, Brooke Bryant, Vicky Huynh

Revision Vanquish: Mackenzie Williams, Courtney Orner, Kat Reyes (G)

Labeda Blood and Feathers: Val Vega (G), Kyleen Gonzalez, Fox Jay

Unify Black Ice: Tia Stoddard, Kyla Sanders, Laura Veharanta

Hi-Chew Fantasy Mix deepens their roster

Hi-Chew Fantasy has been around for a few years now. They have yet to make a deep run at NARCh

Finals but with some additions to their roster this year no one should count them out. Everyone on their

roster has a significant ice hockey background and it definitely shows in their style of play. They are a

high skilled pesty team to play against.

The most notable factor of their team is the leadership they get out of Blake Bolden. If by the off chance

you’ve never heard of her, just give her name a quick google search. Blake is a leader on and off the rink

and will be a big factor in keeping her team in a competitive mindset each game.

Pama Labeda Golden Knights look for redemption

After a disappointing loss in the final last year, Pama is “fired up.” While their roster isn’t much different

than last year’s we can expect a slightly different style out of Pama. With no Sarah Bier or Lindsay Grigg

to quarterback the back end, their additions on offense will offset any less puck possession they might

miss from those two.

Pama has added a powerhouse lefty goal scorer in Lily Humphrey. After missing last years Finals, Brooke

Bryant is back with the squad, and she can score from just about anywhere. Corina Weimann is an up

and coming, fast, sneaky goal scorer that should be on everyone’s radar by now.

Even with these changes in rosters, the identity of Pama will remain the same. They’ll be a fast, physical

team that will battle to the end of every whistle.

Revision Vanquish gets young

Vanquish is a team that has been around a long time. They are known for bringing in some up and

coming talent and this year is no different. With three players 15 years old or younger and an 18-year-

old goalie in Kat Reyes, they are without a doubt the youngest team in the division. Don’t let that fool

you though. These young bucks are ready and will be difference makers for Vanquish.

Vanquish goalie Kat Reyes will be one of five players on Vanquish making their NARCh Women’s debut.

Kat will be a major key their success. In front of Kat will be a seriously mobile defensive core in Courtney

Orner, Tanner Gates, and Mackenzie Williams.

The last two years Vanquish has lost in the semi-final by one goal and each of those years they had a

very short bench with only 6 players. With a full bench and young legs they have all the right pieces to

make the final. Vanquish hasn’t hoisted a cup since 2014. They might be due for one.

Labeda Blood and Feathers, welcome to the division

This will be Labeda Blood and Feather’s first NARCh Finals playing in the upper division. Where they

might lack in experience, they make up for in tenacity and effort. LBF have had good success in the

lower Women’s division over they years. It is good to see them take a step into the upper divisions and

what a year they picked to do it.

They typically have 1-2 players float in and out of their roster, but their main core is local here in

Southern California. They play together regularly so watch for their chemistry to be a main factor of

their success. They will rely on team play, not individual talent.

“Unify Black Ice make big-time additions” for the women as well

This might be Unify Black Ice’s for NARCh Finals as a Women’s program, but this roster is no stranger to

the tournament and success. Black Ice entered their first women’s team this past NARCh West Coast

Winter Nationals. Not unlike their Men’s Pro counterparts they added some serious fire power doe


With Kyla Sanders already on their roster, the addition of Laura Veharanta (previously Rink Rat) and Tia

Stoddard (previously Revision Vanquish), one can safely say they have the fastest and most lethal

offensive combinations. If there are any weak links on this team, you can’t see it on paper.

There isn’t one player on this roster that doesn’t have extensive experience playing in big games.


If you highlight just one game on the schedule, highlight Pama Labeda Golden Knights vs Unify Black Ice

Saturday night at 8:30pm. This game will be a fast, physical, highly skilled game that is guaranteed to

rival the energy of any Men’s Pro final.

These rosters are no strangers to each other. The word “rivalry” comes to mind.