Winner Winner Chicken Parm Dinner

While we were here, we got to sample some great Italian food, as you should when you are in New York.  My favorite was the chicken parm sandwich we got from the deli down the street from the rink.  While I was eating it, I kept thinking of Ray Ferraro, good old “Chicken Parm” himself.  Which I thought would segue nicely into our first final of the day.

35 and over – In our first semi-final of the day, we had the Born2Puck team playing against the Ice Dogs.  Born2Puck hadn’t really had any competition in the tournament, but the 8am game seemed to be their Kryptonite, as they came out slow, and were quickly down 2-0.  The Ice Dogs would not be able to keep up the flow, as Born2Puck would start scoring at will and easily take down the Ice Dogs by a final score of 7-4.

Our other semifinal of the morning gave us IVWP vs Alkali Seltzer.  This was another game that started in one direction, and quickly went the other once everyone woke up.  IVWP came out strong and were all over the Alkali Seltzer team to start the game.  Bad penalties, and a lot of yelling later found Alkali scoring more and more goals and shutting down the IVWP team for the second half.  Final Score Alkali 5-3 over IVWP.

The final was not quite as entertaining as the 2 semis were.  Born2Puck just had too much energy for the Alkali Seltzer team to handle.  The scored a few quick goals, and then held on the rest of the game for an easy 4-1 victory.

Squirt Division - The Squirt Gold final featured the Tour Roadrunners and Black Ice.  Black ice played a couple of strong round robin games to get to the final, but it seemed as if they had run out of gas by the time the final came around.  The Roadrunners on the other hand played strong the entire tournament and did not let up in final either.  They cruised to a big first period league behind their big guns.  The second period was cruise show, as they put away another couple of goals and easily won the game 8-2.

The Squirt silver final had the hometown favorite Alkali 495ers against the Iron Patriots.  This game had it all, good goals, good saves, and a right down to the wire finish.  Both teams played hard but it was the 495ers that had just a little more magic in the morning as they pulled away with a 5-4 victory to secure the gold medal.

PeeWee Division - The PeeWee division gold final had another Tour Roadrunner’s team against the 2000 Dragons.   The Roadrunners goaltender was the star of this game, as every shot thrown at the net was stopped.  The Dragons could not put together any offense for the game and succumbed to the Roadrunner offense, which unfortunately for them was just as potent as their defense.  Final – Roadrunners 5, Dragons 0.

The PeeWee Silver game played out in the same manner as the gold final.  The New York Terror, which boast the coolest looking jerseys of the tournament, played against the Jr. 495ers.  The 495ers seemed snake bitten in this game as the Terror goaltender easily found all of their shots.  The Terror scored 3 goals and played strong defensively cruising to a 3-0 victory.

Men’s Division - The Men’s platinum final brought us two teams who had to navigate the Men’s minefield in different ways.  One of our teams could not make the tournament due to travelling in the inclement weather.  This forced some of our teams to play back to back games.  The Mission-Labeda team played well behind good goaltending.  The 495ers had to play back to back on Saturday night, which sapped their energy a bit.  In the final, the Mission-Labeda squad outplayed the 495ers as their goaltender seemed to have trouble finding any of the shots through traffic.  The Mission-Labeda team scored at will and easily won the final by a score of 6-2.

The Men’s Gold final was a bit more of a barn burner.  We had Top Gunn playing against Venom.  The Top Gunn team is all hustle while the Venom team was bit more of a puck control team.  Top Gunn came out flying, jumping all over Venom and scoring first.  Venom fought back and tied the game.  Venom took the lead late in the game and it looked as if this game was going to be in the books.  Top Gunn thought otherwise, as they pulled the keeper and put on a lot of pressure.  The game tying goal would come with less than half a minute to play.  This took us to overtime.  In overtime, Venom would take control of the puck early and put on a little clinic.  They never relinquished the puck and scored less than a minute into OT.  Final score Venom 5, Top Gunn 4.

The Men’s Silver final was a bit of a snoozer as the upstart People’s Team played against the Tour Roadrunners Trizzoh team.  Trizzoh was a strong team, and the People’s Team had upset a couple of teams to make this final.  Trizzoh came out flying from the drop of the puck and didn’t let up until the final horn had sounded.  Trizzoh 8, People’s Team 1.

The Bronze final had two teams that played against each other the day before.  We had the Long Island Blazers playing against the New York Dynamo.  The Dynamo handily beat the Blazers the day before.  Today would belong to the Blazers, as they came out from the starting gun and just absolutely dominated the Dynamo.  The beating was so bad, that it wouldn’t take the entire game to give us a champion, as the Blazers would mercy the Dynamo 9-1.

Bantam Division - The Bantam Gold final had another Roadrunners team playing against another 495er team.  The Roadrunners would ride good goaltending like their younger teams had given them in earlier finals.  The 495er team had no chance as they would score 0 goals in the game.  The Roadrunners would take it easy and win in dominating fashion 5-0.

The Bantam Silver final had the Roadrunner 97′s play against Black Ice.  These teams know each other pretty well, and like with the rest of the Roadrunner teams, the 97′s did not disappoint.  They played hard and held Black Ice’s team to 3 goals, while putting in 6 themselves and securing another gold medal for the Roadrunner organization.  Final – Roadrunner 97′s 6, Black Ice 3.

Atom Division - The Atom Gold final had the Alkali Selects playing against the 495er Blue squad.  Like in most of the Atom games, whichever goaltender stops a few pucks, that is the team that usually wins.  The 495er goaltender and defense had played well up to this point in the tournament.  The Alkali team was a powerhouse, and they continued to show what the future holds for their program.  The scored right out of the gate, and the poor 495er goalie was under fire the entire game.  He kicked away as many pucks as he could but the offense of the Alkali Selects was relentless.  Alkali would win the game 9-2.

The Atom Silver final was exciting, and closer than the final score indicated.  We had the Little Roadrunners playing against a brand new New York Cyclones team.  The Cyclones were making the jump over to roller from ice, and they were really worried that they may not be up to the compete level of the other teams.  Their compete level was fine, as they played strong throughout the tournament and found themselves in the final.  This game went back and forth, as every time the Roadrunner team would score, the Cyclones would come right back.  The Roadrunner’s would go up late in the game which would force the Cyclones to pull their goalie.  The Roadrunners would score two empty netters to finish the game and hold on for another Gold medal.  Final Score – Roadrunners 6, Cyclones 3.