Unexpected Championship in the Squirt Division

By Mike Vickerman

Another team that is playing up a level to get ready for Finals is the Jr. Mudcats. They are a Mite team playing in the squirt division and even though they did not win a game in round robin play, their teamwork, positioning, and hard work proves that they will be ready to play in San Jose.

This is an unbelievably tight division with the Cyclones and the Red Hawks at 6 points each. Tied for the second seed is the Warriors and the Black bears, with the Grey Wolves, Rams, and Jr. Mudcats rounding out the division.

In the semi finals the Grey Wolves got passed the Cyclones and the Black Bears to claim a spot in the Championship game, and the first placed Red Hawks would get by the Jr. Mudcats but got shocked by fourth place Rams. The Red Hawks were leading three to one when Billy Martin buried one with just five seconds left to go in the period. That was enough to fire up the Rams and in the first minute of the second the Rams would tie it up and get one more with just ten seconds left. That would advance them into the Championship game to take on the Grey Wolves.

There would be a five minute break so the Rams could have a quick rest and then they got right back at it, scoring three goals with in two minutes and absolutely shocking the Wolves. Jacob Williams stopped the Rams momentum when he scored at the five minute mark, and then Ryan Whannel would put one in a few minutes later. From there it was an all out battle. When one team would score, the other would answer right back. The Rams eventually lost steam and Jacob Williams started lighting the lamp. He would end up with six goals and a Gold medal and the Wolves win eleven to five.