Tournament Update on 3-11.

Things change by the hour when forming tournaments, but here’s the update as of this beautiful Monday Morning.


Our first regional qualifier is coming up this weekend in Ft. Myers, FL.  It’s a small event, 20-22 teams.   To be honest, it’s a little frustrating to not have more teams in a market where we often take the NARCh FINALS, but there’s a lot working against us in Florida this time of year.   1) Spring Break and outrageous hotel prices 2) ice hockey still going or just ending and teams not quite formed yet for the roller season 3) way too many tournaments in a market that doesn’t have the number of teams to sustain them.  Many other events have been cancelled recently, which isn’t a good sign.   


In my opinion, Florida is at a tipping point.  Hopefully the people who are heavily involved in the sport can communicate and get on the same page and it tips in the right direction!  Bottom line is that I’m looking forward to heading to Ft Myers this weekend and we’ll show the 20 or so teams that play a great tournament and fun time!  Schedule will be up tomorrow, Tuesday.


The weekend of March 23rd-24th is a huge one for us with 3 events on the same weekend. 


Our San Jose Tourney at Silver Creek will end up with 40-45 teams.  Some of the highlights for me is that fact that we have some new 8u teams competing.  Looks like a 5 team division.  Also have 3 cubs, which is always a good sign.  Probably the highlight is the midget division, with 9 teams signed up.  Need one more to make 10!  Midgets is a tough age, and in some regions the sport drops off at this age.   Obviously it’s not the case in Nor Cal.  We also have a few mens silver teams interested in playing, but we need more interest to build a division for them.


About a month ago we were at Dreamsports for Winternationals.   The local teams that played then will play again, plus a few more teams since ice is over.  Also grateful that the Richmond Rattlers are bringing their whole program, which will make the event much better!  Divisions with enough teams already confirmed are 6u/8u/12u/14u/16u/ and a midget/mens combo.   We are working on a 10u division as well, but it seems a few of the locals are on the fence.  Looks like it will be about a 30 team tourney.


Colorado Springs is all set with 4 divisions and 26 teams competing at SIHA. 


If you want in any of these events, give us a call or email ASAP and we’ll do our best to get you in.  We appreciate the teams entering our tournaments well ahead of time, as it helps us prepare better and ultimately allows us to run better tournaments.   It’s not too early to start thinking about our April dates as well.  Hawaii, PA, and So Cal aren’t too far away!