The Wrap from Huntington Beach (recap)

By Lonny Lovins:


We had a great tournament in Huntington Beach.  It was my first time at the facility, and it wasn’t too bad.  I wish they would get a little better airflow throughout the rink, as it is a bit stifling heat wise.   Other than that, it was a quality facility to hold a regional tournament.  We saw a lot of familiar faces, but I was a little bummed not to see more of the Nor-Cal crowd travel down.  We had a ton of teams from San Diego, Arizona, and Nevada cruise into town.  Which was cool since I grew up with a lot of the San Diego players, and I haven’t seen them at too many tournaments.  Like I said before, I am hoping that they are catching the “hockey bug” again, because I would love to see some quality California teams come out of there again.  The tournament wrapped up with a lot of good games, and as always, I will go over the championships, game by game.


Atom Division – Gold Final: Notion vs. San Diego Rockets.  The Rockets and Notion met in round robin play, where the Rockets edged out a 5-4 victory.  This would set the stage for Notion to get a revenge victory in the final.  Coach Pat “Jack Adams” Martinez had his crew playing really well coming into the final.  Notion got on the board quickly in this game, as #15 Blake Wozniak would score less than two minutes into the game.  The Rockets didn’t panic, and came back with the game tying goal at the 8 minute mark of the first period, when #64 Aaron Kunto would find the back of the net.  It would be the Rockets again, late in the period, when #11 Aapo Jaakkola would score to give them the lead going into the half.  

The second half would be all Notion.  They would again score quickly, as #9 Riley Tallas would take the opening face off down the rink and score less than 15 seconds in.  This would spark a 4 goal in 5 minute rush put together by Notion.  During the onslaught, #9 Tallas would add two more goals, and #99 Logan Labadie would add another for good measure.  The Rockets would score again to try and stay in the game, when #64 Kunto would score another.  It wouldn’t matter though, as Notion goaltender #6 Kiera Tallas wouldn’t allow the Rockets to score another goal.  Notion would score two more goals for good measure, from #8 Ryan Farwell, and #15 Wozniak, and they would skate easily to the gold medal.  Final score Notion 7, San Diego Rockets 3.


Silver Final: Anarchy vs. AZ Groove.  The Anarchy and the AZ Groove met in round robin play, and the Groove took an easy victory.  Anarchy was looking to bounce back from a tough tournament, and possibly get a scrappy victory in the Silver Final.  Unfortunately for Anarchy, the Groove team played really well in the first period, scoring 5 unanswered goals.  During this show of offensive prowess by the Groove, #77 Dylan Farber, #2 Luke Parker, #91 Zakery Proud, #20 Carsen Kamin, and #39 Wesley Amos would all score goals.  This showed the depth of the Groove’s scoring core, as five different players would score for them.  The Groove would skate into the break boasting a 5-0 lead.

The second period would be much of the same for the Groove, as they would score 2 more quick goals to put the game truly out of reach.  #20 Kamin and #19 Cort Lewis would both get on the scoresheet.  Anarchy would break the shutout shortly after this, as #72 Ryan Hornberger would score on a nice individual effort.  While it was too late to win the game for Anarchy, it was a victory in itself to ruin the shutout opportunity for JT Drum.  The Groove would skate easily to the victory.  Final Score: Groove 8, Anarchy 2.


The top scorer for the Atom Division had 6 goals and 8 assists for 14 points in round robin play.  From the San Diego Rockets it was #61 Sam Bailey.  The Top Goalie for Atoms made 21 Saves on 25 shots for a .840 save percentage, also from the Rockets #38 Jace Nakamura.


Mite Division – Gold Final: Revision Vanquish vs. Anarchy.  This game had a really fast start to it, as the Vanquish took the drop of the puck and quickly deposited it in the Anarchy net.  #8 Brian Russell would get the tally, and we were off and rolling.  Anarchy would come right back to tie the game, when #98 Anthony Yu would score.  It would be all Vanquish after that, as they would score 3 goals in 3 minutes late in the period.  #91 Jazek Terrill, #25 Ruben Lopez, and #19 Scott Slayback would all score to give the Vanquish a commanding lead.  #8 Russell and #93 Jedidiah Mayfield would pick up assists on the goals.  

In the second period, the Anarchy would get on the board and cut the lead to two goals, when #9 Jack Ivey would score.  The Vanquish would hold onto their lead, and pad it with a couple of late period goals by #93 Mayfield, and #71 Luke Faas.  In the end, the Vanquish would be too much for Anarchy to handle, as they would skate to an easy victory.  Final Score: Revision Vanquish 6, Anarchy 2.


Silver Final: AZ Groove vs. San Diego Rockets.  This game was a teeter totter affair as neither team would let the other out of their sights.  This game would feature another opening faceoff goal, as #21 Justin VanDeberg, from the Groove, would take the puck and score 10 seconds in.  The Rockets would come right back with a game tying goal by #19 Vince Keller, on a nice head man pass by #89 Rylan Goodwin.  The Groove would take the lead again a couple minutes later, with #3 Jack Tomlon scoring on another nice individual effort.  The Groove would get an insurance goal a minute later from #21 VanDeberg on a nice pass from #89 Tyler Lester.  The Rockets would cut the lead to one goal when #19 Keller would score again.  The Groove were feeling it, as again they would increase their lead to 2 goals, with #21 VanDeberg would get another goal on the connection from #89 Lester.  The Rockets would not go away, as they scored late in the period, with #29 Colton Clapham scoring to send the Rockets into the half only down by 1 goal.

The second period started off with the Rockets coming out strong.  #2 Keelan Alton would score a pair of goals to give the Rockets their first lead of the game.  #88 Chase Burnell of the Rockets, would score another goal to give the Rockets a little breathing room.  The Rockets would put the game out of reach late, when #19 Keller would complete his hat trick.  #89 Goodwin from the Rockets would score just for good measure, and the Rockets would take the Mite Silver championship.  Final Score: San Diego Rockets 8, AZ Groove 5.


The Mite top scorer was the Vanquish’s #71 Luke Faas, who scored 7 goals and had 9 assists for 16 points.  The Mite top goalie was the HB Alkali Militia goalie Musaki Yamanaka who made 69 saves on 87 shots for a .793%.


Squirt DivisionGold Final: Notion vs. HB Alkali Militia AA.  This game was more of a defensive battle, as both goaltenders played really well.  The Militia AA squad would break a scoreless tie late in the first period when #37 Justin Kao would score on a nice pass from #85 Grayson Yada.  The first period would end with the Militia clinging to a 1 goal lead.

The second period would start with Notion scoring early to tie the game at 1.  #42 Isaiah Martinez would take a nice pass from #15 Sammy Marin and deposit it in the back of the net.  The Militia would regroup, and come right back with another goal by #37 Kao, who took a pass from #88 Jonathan Jogiel, and beat Notion goaltender Savannah Gutierrez to retake the lead.  The Militia would get an insurance goal midway through the frame when it would be #37 Kao and #88 Jogiel hooking up again for the goal.  Notion would score again to make it close, but Pierce Thibert was too strong in net to give the game away.  In the end the Militia AA squad would skate to the victory.  Final Score: HB Alkali Militia AA 4, Notion 2.


Squirt Silver Final: HB Militia A vs. AZ Groove.  This was a tough game for the Militia side, as the Groove came out firing on all cylinders.  Coach Skyler Hoar would have his hands full with an AZ Groove team that did not want to lose after narrowly missing the chance to play in the Gold Final.  The Militia would score the game’s first goal, when #5 Alexander Leigh would score.  However, that is all that the Militia would get, as the Groove got into it, and scored four quick goals.  #2 Neeman Ham would get a pair during this time, with #39 Jared Shuter, and #61 Owen Zoubek adding the other two to round out the first period scoring.

The second period would be all Groove, with goals by #19 Nicky Cappola, #61 Zoubek, #14 Austin Pacewic, #2 Ham, and #39 Shuter all scoring to complete the mercy of the Militia A team.  Final Score: AZ Groove 9, HB Militia Squirt A 1.


The top scorer from the Squirt division was #90 Blake Tallas from Notion, who tallied 14 goals and 1 assist for 15 points in round robin play.  The top goalie from the Squirt division was Pierce Thibert from the HB Alkali Militia AA, who made 39 saves on 43 shots for a .907%.


Pee Wee Division – Gold Final: Cal Rollers Black vs. Mission Bauer Outcasts ‘99s.  This game was one of the most heated games that I have seen in recent memory.  The hockey was good when it was being played, but it seems without Dave Cairns on the bench for the Cal Rollers, they are a bit of a different team mentally.  The game featured 13 goals and 32 PIMs which is pretty incredible for a 34 minute game.  The Outcasts would start the scoring, when #71 Colt Kamin would score on a nice pass from #97 Josh Roof.  It would be the Outcast again notching a goal on the board with #71 Kamin and #97 Roof hooking up again.  This would spark a rally by the Cal Rollers, as they would score 3 goals in one and a half minutes to quickly wrest the lead from the Outcasts.  During the scoring streak, #9 Matthew Berezowski, #19 Drake Usher, and #16 Brian Wong would all score for the Rollers.  The Outcasts would tie the game 2 minutes later, with a goal by #97 Roof.  #97 Roof would be at it again with less than a minute left in the first to give the Outcasts the lead going into the half.

The second period would start with the streaky Cal Rollers going on another quick tear where they would score 3 goals in two minutes this time.  #6 Hunter Sansbury, #19 Usher, and #16 Brian Wong would all score to give the Cal Rollers a 2 goal lead.  The Cal Rollers would score again at roughly the 10:00 mark to increase their lead to 3 goals, when #9 Berezowski would put the puck in the back of the net.  At this point, the Outcasts coach would take his timeout and calm the team down.  It would seem to work, as the Outcasts would score the next goal when #97 Roof would score again.  With less than a minute left in the game, the Outcasts would score again, as #24 Josh Titius would score to pull the Outcasts within one goal.  The last minute of the game got a bit ugly as both teams decided that penalties were more important than playing.  We had roughly 20 minutes doled out in the last minute of the game.  In the end, the Cal Rollers team would hold on for the gold medal.  Final Score: Cal Rollers Black 7, Mission Bauer Outcasts ‘99s 6.


PeeWee Silver Final:  Outcasts 2000 vs. HB Militia.  This game had a little less heat than the Gold final, but it was still fun to watch.  The HB Militia got the scoring started, when #7 Gavin O’Bryan scored.  The Outcasts would come right back with a goal to tie the game, when their goal scorer #15 Erik Middendorf would tally.  The Militia would recapture their lead with 5 minutes left in the first period, with #19 Charley Lowe getting the tally.

In the second period, it was all Militia, as they came out and scored to give themselves some insurance.  #11 Green would get his second of the game, on a nice pass from #19 Lowe.  The Outcasts would try and stay in the game, when #9 Hayden Ripley would score to pull his team within 1 goal.  The Militia were cooler than the other side of the pillow though, as they scored again to give themselves the 2 goal cushion once more.  It would be #8 Tucker Abel scoring this time, on a pass from #37 Ryu Suzuki.  The Outcasts would score once more to try and keep it within reach, when #15 Middendorf would score.  It wouldn’t be enough, as the Militia would add 2 goals by #15 Tyler Browning, and #88 Travis Alexander to put the game away.  Final Score: HB Militia 6, Outcasts 2000 3.


The top scorer from the Pee Wee Division was #97 Josh Roof from the Mission Bauer Outcasts ‘99s with 6 goals and 4 assists for 10 points.  The top goalie from the Pee Wee division was Taylor Huynh from the Cal Rollers Black team, who made 32 saves on 35 shots for a .914%.


Bantam Division – Gold Final: Mission Bauer Raiders Green vs. The Mission Outcasts ‘97s.  These two teams skated to a tie in round robin, and this game looked as if it were going to be one of the better games of the day.  However, the Outcasts came to play, and the Raiders were overwhelmed early, and couldn’t get it going.  The Outcasts scored less than 2 minutes into the game, when #3 Brooks Mandryk would score on a pass from #27 Bob Curley.  The Outcasts would score again, on a goal by #19 Matt Poindexter.  The Raiders would cut the lead to 1 goal when #23 Kyle Rapozo would score.  That is as close as the Raiders would get, as the Outcasts went goal crazy.  #88 Matt Tweten would score to get the insurance back.  Then it would be #7 Jayson Dimizio witha pair of goals for the Outcasts, and the rout was on.  #9 Chad Colwell would also score a pair of goals, and #67 Alex MacDonald would put the dagger in the hearts of the Raiders team and complete the mercy.  

All in all this was an unexpected outcome for what should have been a closer game.  Final score: Mission Outcasts ‘97s – 9, Mission Bauer Raiders Green – 1.

Bantam Silver Final: Revision Vanquish vs. AZ Groove.  The Revision Vanquish were the stronger team in this game, as they skated the Groove up and down the rink.  The Vanquish would score the game’s first goal, when #39 Brannon McManus would take the puck and tickle the twine.  It would be #39 McManus scoring again a minute later to give the Vanquish a 2 goal lead.  A few minutes later, the Vanquish would take a 3 goal lead, as this time #39 McManus passed the puck over to #25 Jordan Bonner, who would score.  The Groove would get on the board shortly after, with #4 Brett Dillon scoring on a nice pass play from #3 Hayden Maxwell.  This is as close as the Groove would get, as Vanquish would score 4 more goals to put the game away.

Vanquish goals would come from #39 McManus who would complete his hat trick, #42 Cooper Haar, and #25 Bonner would score a couple as well to pick up his hatty.  Final Score: Revision Vanquish-7, AZ Groove-1.


The top scorer from the Bantam Division was #39 Brannon McManus from the Revision Vanquish.  He posted 11 goals and 3 assists for 14 points in the round robin games.  The top goalie from the Bantam division was #29 Aaron Gittings from the Mission Outcasts ‘97s, who made 37 saves on 40 shots for a .925%.


Midget Division – Platinum Final: Mission Bauer Raiders vs. Mission Outcasts.  This game had some amazing goals scored, but also featured some really stout goaltending.  Both teams started off well, with the Raiders grabbing the first goal of the game, when #23 Coby Downs would score off of a nice dish from #4 Jacob Romo.  The Outcasts would quickly tie the game when, #15 Trey Decker would score off of the nice pass from #9 Jared Dror.  A few minutes later, the Raiders would retake the lead on a goal by #8 Brady Selinskie which was assisted by #10 Christian Weber.  Again the Outcasts would come right back, with #14 Troy Loggins getting the goal off of the #9 Dror feed.  The first period would end in a 2-2 tie.

The second period started with the Raiders scoring early again.  #8 Selinskie would score his second of the game to give the Raiders a short lived lead.  The Outcasts would come back with 2 goals this time, less than a minute apart, as #37 Tanner Tuohy would score a pair to give the Outcasts their first lead of the game.  Both Leks Zendejas of the Raiders, and Charlie Robinson of the Outcasts would stand on their heads from here on out.  Neither goalie would give up another goal.  As well as both of these teams played, you would have liked to have seen them both get gold medals, but unfortunately, someone has to lose.  Today it was the Raiders, as the Outcasts tough goal tending, and tougher defense prevailed.  Final Score: Mission Outcasts-4, Mission Bauer Raiders-3.


Midget Gold Final: Raw Steel vs. XDH.  Raw Steel had a rough go of it this tournament, as they skated with only 5 players the entire time.  XDH is too fast and too strong to give them the extra edge, and they showed it this game.  They skated Raw Steel all over the floor, and tired them out early.  XDH scored the first goal of the game at the 12:00 mark, when #76 Bailey Simpson scored on a pass play from #57 Cole Euell.  Raw Steel would tie the game late in the first period, when #77 Jon Pichedwantana would score.  XDH would come right back with a goal before the period would end, when #77 Nico Bautista would score.  

The second period would start with Raw Steel scoring to tie the game on a goal by #77 Pichedwantana.  Unfortunately for Raw Steel, their legs would be done at this point, and XDH would go on a goal scoring tear.  #77 Bautista would add a couple more, #76 Simpson would have another, and #26 Milo Torres would get a couple as well to leave Raw Steel down and out.  Final Score: XDH-8, Raw Steel-2.


The top scorer for the Midget Division was Jon Pichedwantana from Raw Steel, who posted 8 goals and 2 assists for 10 points.  The top goalie from the Midget Division was #20 Leks Zendejas from the Mission Bauer Raiders Green, who made 44 saves on 50 shots for a .880%.


Junior Division – Final: Mission Outcasts vs. OG.  This was one of the more entertaining finals that we had.  With most of our true Junior players making up the Pro ranks for this tournament, that left this division a little smaller than normal, but a great skill show nonetheless.  Both of these teams took about a half a period to feel each other out and see what the game was going to be like.  After the feeling out process was over, it would be OG who would score first when #9 Spencer Gaalaas would score on the headman pass from #87 Trevor Evans.  Less than a minute later, it would be OG again scoring when #21 Reed Kinsey would score.  OG would complete it’s 3 goals in 3 minutes outburst with a goal by #91 Steven Sherman.  The Outcasts would get on the board with less than 3 minutes left in the first when #48 Jayme Haveman would score on a pass from #9 Jared Dror.  It would be a minute and a half later before the Outcasts would cut the OG lead to 1 goal, when #9 Dror would score on a pass from #14 Troy Loggins.  OG would carry a 1 goal lead into the second period.

The second period belonged to Charlie Robinson, the goaltender from Outcasts.  He wouldn’t allow another goal the rest of the game, while his team would claw and fight to get back into it.  Their persistence would pay off, as #14 Loggins would get another goal for the Outcasts and tie the game at 3.  We would continue this way until late in the game when #14 Loggins would complete the natural hat trick and give the Outcasts a lead they would not relinquish.  Final Score: Mission Outcasts-4, OG-3.


The Junior top scorer was #14 Troy Loggins from the Mission Outcasts, who had 6 goals and 1 assist for 7 points.  The Junior Division top goalie was #31 Charlie Robinson from the Mission Outcasts who posted 53 saves on 62 shots for a .855%


Men’s Pro/Platinum Division – Pro Final: Las Vegas Tour Rebels vs. Mission Outcasts.  This game was all Las Vegas, as they played strong throughout the tournament, giving up very few chances, and capitalizing on their own.  The Rebels broke open the scoring, when #87 Skyler Hoar scored on a nice individual effort to give his team the lead.  A few minutes later, it would be the Rebels again scoring when #27 Billy Tufano would score on a pass from #77 Chris Francis.  The Rebels would round out the scoring in the first period, by getting a late goal from #7 Andrew Tamura.  

The true story of this game, and the Pro tournament in general, was the stellar goal tending of Las Vegas keeper Mike Urbano.  He made save after save, and was making them look easy the whole tournament.  The Outcasts would bust up Mike’s shutout bid in the second period, when #27 Paul Linder would score.  Other than that, the Rebels would remain perfect, and they would skate to an easy victory.  Final Score: Las Vegas Tour Rebels-4, Mission Outcasts-1.


Platinum Final: Red Army vs. Pama Cyclones.  This game was as entertaining as they come.  The Pama Cyclones have been a staple of the Men’s Platinum division for quite some time, and the Red Army team is kind of just making it back on the scene.  Red Army would come out and score the first goal, when #27 Jeremy Wesel would take a pass from #11 Tim Wender and score.  Red Army would score again a short time later, when it would be #19 Michael Juola scoring on a pass from #79 Jeff Brown.  Pama would score late in the period, when #11 Parker Conant would score a goal on a pass from #61 Joey Doran.  Red Army would hold on the rest of the period and carry a 1 goal lead into the second.

In the second period, Pama would score less than a minute into the frame, as #77 Nico Bautista would score a goal that was again assisted by #61 Doran.  A few minutes later, it would be #61 Doran scoring from #11 Conant, and Pama would have their first lead of the game.  A Red Army power play late in the game would give them the chance they needed to get back into the game.  Red Army would capitalize on the opportunity, when #79 Jeff Brown slid a pass over to #21 Phil Neilson, who buried it to tie the game at 3.  We would head to overtime.

In overtime, it would be Red Army jumping on a loose puck in front of the net, and sliding it home.  #23 Kris Escobar would be credited with the game winner, and Red Army would get the gold.   Final Score: Red Army-4, Pama Cyclone-3 OT.


Men’s Gold Final: Las Vegas Battalions vs. Sprung Hosers A.  This game was a war of attrition, as both teams had to play tough opponents in their final round robin games to make the final.  The Hosers A squad seemed just a bit more fresh, and it made all the difference.  The Hosers got on the board first when #27 Vito Vaiasuso scored a goal from #9 Cory Lewis.  The Battalions would come back with a goal a few minutes later, when #94 Chris Lombardo would score to tie the game.  Less than a minute later, it would be the Hosers again with #21 John Stoddard making a nice individual effort to score the goal and recapture the lead.  The Hosers would get some insurance late in the period, when #27 Vaiasuso would score again.  

In the second period, the minute of rest must have done wonders for the Battalions, as they came out flying and scored to cut the Hoser lead to 1 goal.  It would be #90 Chris Raveling who would score on a pass from #26 Axle Anderton.  The Battalions would tie the game a few minutes later on a goal by #92 Eddie Davis.  This is where the rested legs of the Hosers seems to have taken over.  The Hosers started controlling the play, and eventually they would break through with the tie breaking goal when #18 Travis Neilson would score on the pass from playmaker #9 Lewis.  The Hosers would add an empty net goal, and skate to the victory.  Final Score: Sprung Hosers A-5, Las Vegas Battalions-3.


Men’s Silver Final:  KMD vs. Sprung Hosers B.  The Hosers B team was looking to make it a clean sweep of the Gold/Silver Division, but KMD had other plans in mind.  KMD would score the first goal early, when #17 Artur Ketchedjian would score a goal from #5 Arsen Arabyan.  The Hosers would get on the board with 2 goals in 30 seconds when #4 George Godinez, and #6 Artie Sprecher III would score to give them a lead going into the second period.

In the second period, KMD would really come to life.  #5 Arabyan would score for KMD to tie the game, midway through the stanza.  KMD would take the lead a few minutes later when #17 Ketchedjian would score again from #5 Arabyan.  #17 Ketchedjian would get the hat trick a couple of minutes later and put the game out of reach for the Hosers.  The Hosers’ #6 Sprecher III would score later to get them within 1 goal, but that is as close as it would get.  KMD would hold on for the victory.  Final Score: KMD-5, Sprung Hosers B-3.


The Pro/Platinum Division high scorers were #5 From the Sprung Hosers #5 “Chucky Slick” who had 6 goals and 3 assists for 9 points, and #77 from the Las Vegas Tour Rebels Chris Francis who had 5 goals and 4 assists for 9 points.  The top goalie from the Pro division was Mike Urbano from the Las Vegas Tour Rebels who made 47 saves on 55 shots for a .855%.


The Gold/Silver Division top scorer was #7 from KMD Harout Kesheshian who had 10 goals and 3 assists for 13 points.  The top goalie from the Gold/Silver division was Doug Irwin from the Sprung Hosers A team who made 47 saves on 50 shots for a .940%.

A very good end to a very good tournament.  We are looking forward to our final weeks of regionals as everyone races to get qualified.  As always, we are looking forward to seeing everyone at finals in Florida.  It is going to be the best roller hockey the sport has to offer, and it is going to be a great time for everyone involved.