The End Of Day 1

By Alex Morrison

Day 1 at the NARCh Finals began for me at 6:30am, with kids excited to hit the floor for their first game of the event.  It is now a bit after 10pm, almost 16 hours later, and we are still in a building full of that same energy.  60 games have passed by so far.  Here is a little bit of what we saw today:

It is amazing to see so many kids under 10 playing this sport.  This morning, for 6 straight hours, we had 20 games that involved Atom and Mite teams.  That made for great atmosphere on and off the rinks, as the parents tend to get just as excited as the kids at that age.  It really speaks volumes for the potential future of the sport.

We had 4 skills competitions today, ranging in age from Atom to Midget.  Being on the rink for these events was great, as everyone participating really seemed to be in it to win it, and the crowds outside the rink were great.

There are so many great people that have given countless hours to this sport, not just for their kids’ teams, but even for teams that their kids are not on, helping share their knowledge and love of the sport with countless others.  It is an awesome thing to have people that really know what they are doing and talking about willing to volunteer their time to help others succeed and have a good time while doing it.

I can’t wait for day 2!