Talented U14 (Peewee) player looking for a silver or gold team

My  team the Sherwood Park Bullfrogs participated in the Red Deer, Alberta  qualifier (qualified for Silver). They have decided not to go to San Jose, so  I am looking for a team that qualified for the Gold or Silver division. I can  play forward or Defence, whatever is needed. I am a spectacular scorer, and  playmaker. I have great hockey sense (anticipation). I would love to play (as  I love hockey been playing for 8 years) and I would enjoy this amazing  experience. I can be a valuable asset to any team that I play on. I will be at  the finals anyway as my brother is playing.

If  you’re interested contact me at

780-417-0726 or 780-903-1726

bruceshelley@shaw.ca or hockeydonovan@gmail.com