Sunday Springs Style

By Mike Vickerman

This morning brought five teams out to compete in the Mite Gold division. The Cyclones, Red Hawks, Black Bears, Grey Wolves and the Warriors. The Warriors and the Grey Wolves would tie for the first place seed and the Black Bears edged out the Red Hawks for the third seed. In the first semi the Black Bears fell to the Warriors by a score of seven – two. In the other semi game between the Red Hawks and the Grey Wolves we would have yet another overtime game that would ultimately go to a shootout.

This was a well balanced, well played game with the crowd on the edge of their seats the entire time. Blake Hogen would draw first blood for the Grey Wolves just two minutes into the contest. Red Hawks answered back with a goal by Jordan McDonald and right before the end of the half Nick Cimino would put the Hawks up by one. Top scorer winner Alex Panger would net one at the start of the second half to tie it up but Caden Bailey put the Hawks back up by one at the six minute mark. It looked as if there was going to be an upset but with just over a minute left Austin Homstad buried one to even it up and that’s how regulation would end.

In the shootout both goalies stood on their head but in the end Alex Panger managed to get one by Red Hawks goalie Calvin Hormann to claim Gold.

The Championship would be less dramatic with the Warriors beating the Grey Wolves Seven to Zero. Ryan Pedersen notched a hat trick, with Cameron Pietrasiewicz, Eric Schillinger, and Robbie Carter each adding goals to seal and skated away with the Gold.

The Bantams division was split into two brackets. In bracket A were the Cyclones Jr Mudcats Pee Wee team, which is playing up a division, and the Red Hawks. The Warriors, Rams, and Grey Wolves would make up the B bracket. The Cyclones and Warriors went undefeated clinching the top seeds, while the Jr. Mudcats and Rams were right behind them in the second seeds.

In the playoffs The Rams would fall to the Cyclones but it was a closer game that what the scoreboard showed. These two teams exchanged blows for most of the game keeping within one goal of each other. But the Cyclones proved to be just too much and in the last five minutes put the Rams away by a score of eight to four.

In the other semi final The Warriors wasted no time and jumped on the Grey Wolves early and didn’t let up. They advanced to the final with a victory of eleven to four.

The last game of the tournament and the championship game found the Cyclones shocked when they were down three to nothing in the first eight minutes of play. They did manage to comeback and pulled out with a score of six to three and took home the Gold.