Sunday Morning In The Carolinas

by Alex Morrison

When you think of the Carolinas in the spring, you might have visions of serenity, flowers starting to bloom, quiet breezes blo…. yeah, we have none of that here!  This is a NARCh Qualifier weekend, and we have just the opposite.  It is 9am, we are into our 3rd game on each rink, music is blasting, people are screaming, kids are skating… yeah, no peace and quiet here!

The Cub (6u) Division started this morning, with some really awesome kids excited to hit the floor.  They will be here with us all day.

The Squirt Division is finishing their preliminary round right now, and will have their playoffs later today.

The Bantam Division began their playoffs this morning, and the very first game, the Bantam Silver playoff, went to a shootout.  The Rattlers Orange and Alkali Aresnal scored 10 goals in the first 30 minutes of the game, then held each other scoreless for the last 4 minutes of regulation, and the entire 5 minute overtime.  They went to a 4 player shootout, where it was Alkali that scored one more time than the Rattlers, sending them to the Silver Final later this morning.

We have 9 championship games today, one after another, starting at 10:15, which is in less than an hour.  Time to get those medals ready!!!

Check back at the end of the day for the event recap.