Start to Day 2

This tournament is like a marathon, but it certainly felt like a sprint start.  Yesterday was very busy and by the time I blinked it was lunch, blinked again and it was dark outside.

Skills take a lot of energy and effort to pull off a good production, especially with the videos we do too, so with 4 in a row yesterday afternoon it look a lot of focus.  Unfortunately I didn’t really have a chance to just sit back and bounce from rink to rink and enjoy the games, but that’s exactly what I intend to do today.

It’s 6:30 and mite plat/gold are first on the rink to kick off their games today.  Most of the teams that started yesterday will actually be finishing their prelims today and be seeded for playoffs.   While we only have one skills competition today.  106 teams will be in the rinks for at least a game today, so there’s a lot to watch over the next 18 hours of hockey until we wrap it up at 12:30am.

One of the exciting aspects of this event is the number of new players and parents that have never attended a NARCh FINALS.    The fact that we have 10 6u cub teams is something I’m very happy with and proud of.   It’s a huge positive sign for the future of the sport.

I mention it every time we come up here but it still amazes me at what a great job the staff here at Silver Creek does.  There are so many little things that nobody will ever notice and taken for granted, but I certainly notice them and greatly appreciate the attention to detail.

When I walked in the rinks yesterday at 6am the floors were as clean as any floors I’ve ever seen at a facility, they looked brand new.   They had league games at 11pm the night before and still made sure that it was in the condition that it needed to be in to start this event.

Look for some videos today from the action yesterday, and we hope if you’re here today you have a great experience.  We wish you luck on the rink!