Saturday Update from Georgia


Things are moving right along here at SGAA at our only Regional Qualifier in the state of Georgia.  We’ve made a pretty descent impact in this region in the last 12 months, with some of these teams tasting the NARCh FINALS for the first time last summer in Florida, and then WINTERNATIONALS in North Carolina in February.    I don’t think many of these teams will come out of this event to the FINALS in Cali, but I’m sure some of the most dedicated players will find teams to play on and make the trip.   Who knows I may be surprised. 


We just crowned our first champions, the Firebreathers in the cub division who defeated the Predators.   Our free cub divisions at the regional qualifiers have really proven to be a positive feeder system.  Half of it is about giving the kids a fun first tourney experience.  The other half, and probably more important half, is giving the parents a taste of it.   More times than not they’re back the next year in 8u and they know what to expect.


SGAA is a cool facility.  Not literally, it’s actually on the warm side because it’s Hotlanta after all, but I love the layout.  I like how the seating is above the level of the playing surface.   All I need is a lifeguard tower at one end I could watch all the action on both rinks without missing a thing.


I’m working here with Mike Vickerman who’s finally got the hang of this tournament director stuff.  There’s a lot of moving parts and little details to take care of that I’m sure most people never realize, especially now that we’ve added videos, pictures, and the social media to the mix.   Funny, when I first started it was just show up and watch hockey and collect the rosters.  Not the case anymore.  Mike has learned a lot in a short period of time.  It’s hard not to use the word short when bringing up Mike J


It’s the most exciting but nerve racking time of the year for us, with a crazy month of regional qualifiers where we squeeze 8 tourneys into 4 weeks and start to shift our focus to the NARCh FINALS.   I find myself at one event shaping up details for future events. 


We’ll have a photo gallery of some of the action from today up later tonight if you want to check our facebook page NARCh Players.