Saturday Night in Mississauga

We’re winding down on the 50 games played today.  We saw some incredible action and crowned a few champions.  We had a few feisty situations, but for the most part it was a great day of hockey. 


In the atom division 3 teams battled it out.  As I mentioned before the Tour Bordercats were the class of the field, but the Rattlers and Coyotes did improve as the day went on and were able to put up a handful of goals against the Bordercats.  While the Cats cruised to the title, the games between the Rattlers and Coyotes were pretty close, 6-4 and 7-4.  The Rattlers took them both, but everyone left with a good experience, so mission accomplished.


In mites we only had two teams but we didn’t want to leave them off the schedule completely, so we had them play two games against each other.  Both were great games, with the Radicals defeating the Coyotes in the first, but in the championship the Coyotes won in a great game, 4-3 and took home the gold.


Squirts and Peewees still have prelims in the morning but the 8-team bantam division is set for playoffs.  This was the headache division of the day with a few suspensions and testosterone running high.  It was also the most exciting and competitive division of the day and a few bounces and penalties was the difference maker in many of the games.


The Brampton Radicals grabbed the #1 seed by winning two games and tieing their third in one of the best games of the day against the Bordercats Black.   The Bordercats tied the game on a bang-bang goal with time expiring.   It didn’t making a difference in the standings for the Radicals, as they still grabbed the #1 seed.   They will play the Radicals AA squad who grabbed the #4 seed, while the Rattlers Black and Coyotes will play in the other platinum semifinal.


The 2 Bordercat Teams will also face each other in their playoffs game in the gold semi, and the Alkali Fusion and Rattlers Red round out the playoff matchups for the bantams in the morning. 


The 12-team Junior/Mens Division has been pretty cool to watch.  There are true junior teams playing, as well as a few teams that probably have an average age of well over 30.   These games have been hard played but pretty mellow compared to the bantams.  There’s a pretty big disparity in talent, so it will be interesting to see who ends up in the top and bottom after the division is split.  Hopefully it works out well in terms of matchups and we see some great playoff games tomorrow.


I’ve been running around with a camera and camcorder all day while Chad Spezia has been holding down the fort handling most of the paperwork and stats.   This is exactly how I like it and we make a good team, so it’s been an easy day from an administrative standpoint.


I’m pretty happy I came up to this event.  I talked to a lot of people today that I haven’t seen in a while.    This is an important market to me and I want to see it do well, so it’s nice to do my part and at least come up and run the best event we can.


This is probably the last you’ll hear from me until the recap blog, as Championship Sundays are always busy and I want to try to capture the best parts of the day on video tomorrow.