Saturday Night Blog

Day 1 of East Coast Winters is in the books. The energy in the building was fantastic and the sponsor booths were packed almost all day. Tour, Alkali, Labeda, Revision, and IDI Photography are all present.

I’d say one of the highlights of the day was the cub division. 3 local teams played and for all but a couple it was their first experience at a tournament. Not just the kids, but the parents too. The teams were very balanced, which helps create a great first impression. Nothing but huge smiles and appreciative parents from start to finish. It was awesome.

In terms of the competition through most of the divisions, we had a little bit of everything today, some really tight games as well as some blowouts. In most divisions there’s clearly two levels of competition. In a few cases, even three levels. We knew this going in though and have a very forgiving format for this event, splitting the divisions after the prelims to create a gold and silver.

One thing that is great about this tournament and almost always the case with larger NARCh Events is the fact that we draw teams from everywhere. What other tournament in the sport can you have a mens division in February where one game matches up a team from Toronto vs Venezuela, and the next game watch a team from California vs Buffalo. We’ve got something very special and we appreciate players going above and beyond to make it to our tournaments.

Many people that are playing here have never been to Dreamsports Center. I’ve heard a lot of people talking about how nice the rink is. For an event this size, it’s absolutely perfect. Crowded and full of energy, but not so crowded you’re uncomfortable and can’t find a good spot to watch a game. The surrounding area seems to be pretty convenient too, with many restaurants and hotels to choose from.

I posted some pictures from around the rink today on our Facebook Page and we should have a video up early tomorrow with some of the highlights from today. Hopefully we’ll have a seamless day tomorrow and be able to capture even more action than we did today. We’ve got some great ideas on new angles to try, it just takes a lot of time and energy. Hopefully you’ll see what I’m referring to in the Day 2 recap.

Tomorrow the prelims will end for most divisions and we’ll get into playoffs, so I’m sure the intensity will be cranked up a few notches.

See you bright and early!