Rise and SHINE

By Jeremy Ellis

Monday morning here at the 2013 NARCh Finals and if you are looking for a jolt of energy after no one brought you Starbucks, then look no further than to the action taking place today at the Hershey Centre.  D1 and platinum rolled into town and they are taking the rinks by storm.  Not only is the action intense but is also extremely FAST!

Scattered among the rosters are NHL prospects and major junior players.  I always get a kick out of some of the guys coming into the NHL and realizing that I have saw them grow from little guys rolling around the various NARCh events of the past. We don’t want anyone who is at home to miss out on the action either as we have a slate of games scheduled for the live feed today.  

SKILLS – Players if you haven’t yet, make sure you get signed up for skills.  Theses events are getting the royal treatment here at finals.  Not only are they streaming live, but the highlight videos are eye-popping.  We have numerous cameras rolling on these, including the remotely operated robo cams that can showcase incredible angles.  Stop by the merchandise booth and see us to get signed up.

We will have an update and quick recap of these divisions first days coming up later today so stay tuned.  See you at the rinks!