Quick Blog from RMR

It’s been a few years since I’ve attended this regional qualifier so I’m happy I had the opportunity to make the trip this year.  RMR is exactly as I remember it with duel identical rinks.  It’s a great place to host a tournament and the only two-pad roller hockey facility in the state.


We’re about 6 hours in here and have seen a lot of mites, squirts, bantams, and midgets in action already.  Unfortunately we’ve had some pretty lopsided games in the younger ages, but the bantam and midget games have been solid.    Last year at the NARCh FINALS the Alkali Kodiaks won the bantam platinum division, in what was probably the toughest and most balanced bantam platinum division we’ve ever had, so the talent is here.


A lot of teams here are talking about San Jose and the NARCh FINALS.  Between this tournament and the other CO Regional at SIHA, I would estimate at least 20 Colorado Teams at the NARCh FINALS.   


I used to play with and against Boyd Sutton and it’s good to see him and catch up.  Anyone who’s been in the sport a long time remembers what a great player he was.  Boyd always made everything look so easy.  I guess he only plays a few times a year now but he’s here coaching his son on a squirt team, Ghost Riders, made up of mostly ice kids that are just getting started in roller.   They are talking about making the trip to San Jose as well.


Peewees are just getting started and Jr/Mens start in a few hours.  Looking forward to a lot of great hockey here this weekend!  Win or lose, hopefully everyone has a great time!