Out In The Hamptons For The Weekend

by Alex Morrison

NARCh has made a return to Rapid Fire Arena, a rink that has hosted numerous regional qualifiers over the past decade and a half, with some of the world’s best roller hockey talent housed here.  It has been over 7 years since our last stop here, as we had been a bit closer to the city (New York, that is), when we were in Bethpage.

The town of Moriches is pretty far out on the island:  about 70 miles from Manhattan, and a pretty solid hour and a half drive with no traffic.  I am here with Itan this weekend, and our drive time on a Friday afternoon was… well, let’s just say that we could have walked here faster!  We made the drive pretty fun though, making a few stops on the way.  After setting up the rink, we were lucky enough to grab some amazing BBQ out here last night, then ready to rock this morning.

All the familiar faces are around the rink this morning.  Jason Muro, who has been walking around all morning with a smile on his face (he’s a HUGE Mets fan, and they had their first no-hitter in history last night).  He’s also splitting time running the rink!  Vio (Anthony Violante) is also here, on the bench, and running the pro shop.  Johnny Mac is going to be playing later today, but before he puts the stick in his hands, he has a whistle, as he is reffing this morning.  He is wearing a silly looking jersey that the refs here wear, but aside from that, he is really doing a great job!

Itan is busy working on setting up cameras for the video he is going to produce after the event… I can’t wait to see that!

Now that the games are underway, we had the chance to grab a bagel from my favorite bagel shop, right in the parking lot of the arena.  I haven’t been there in 10 years!  It is just what I remember.  The pizza place here has changed owners about 3 times since I was last here.  That stop will be later this afternoon.

That’s all for now.  We will check in later from Long Island!