Not Just Another Day

by Alex Morrison

We have had 5 great days so far at the Finals, and hope that day 6 extends the streak.  We have the Pee Wee, Midget, and Junior Gold Skills Competitions, and the Squirt Gold final comes toward the end of a “short” day.  It’s funny that a 10 hour day is considered short to us!

The way we have approached this video production is new to me, and I have had a good time stepping in and interviewing kids and helping make this a truly special experience for them.  The addition of Gail, our host on the floor has also been something special, as she brings a different angle to the production, and is definitely easier on the eyes than my mug!  Now that the longer days of the Silver Division are behind us, we will have a little more time to cover some preliminary games, and should have some fun doing it.

I haven’t spent much time watching the other 2 rinks, which is unusual for me.  Since I wear quite a few hats at this event, I usually spend time running all around the 3 rinks during games.  The thing that stands out most overall to me is how few issues I have had to deal with this year (knock knock).  After 5 full days, we have only had one penalty that required any kind of suspension, and have had no issues off the rink, which is wonderful.  It would be great if we can keep that streak going.

Time for me to step away from the computer and back onto the floor of the Arena for another skills competition.  Make sure you check out the stream on the homepage.