North Carolina Regional Update

by Itan Chavira
After long travels from California to North Carolina, we raced to the rink to set things up and tried to find something to eat.  It was impossible to find a place to sit, since the North Carolina Tar Heels were playing in the NCAA tournament on the big screen.  Then we took a trip back to the airport to get our bags that didn’t make the connecting flight.  Such is the way of life for us!
The 8 and unders have started, as have the 12u(Squirt) and 16u(Bantam) divisions.
The Primetime Dragons White have already clinched their spot in the final of the Atom Divison.  They look great!  The other 2 teams will have a playoff a bit later.
In the Squirt Division, the Dragons Black scored 12 goals in their first game, and looks pretty strong.  It’s still early though, and anything could happen.
We have Alkali Assault Bantam getting things going for their team, they have the chemistry, the speed, and definitely the accuracy. The first two games, they have man handled their opponents, and as I am writing this, they have won their 3rd game!  It’s a good thing the GoPro2 is in the net to capture all the goals while I write this blog.
Back to the Assault… with Assault wrapping up their round robin in just 2 1/2 periods which comes out to 42 Minutes and 3 games later you are looking at a very impressive team.  The word around the rink that the Assault have finally gotten their full roster with all their ice players season finishing up, you can tell they have been waiting for Roller Hockey season to start up again, so they can show their division who the big dogs are.
I was talking to one of the players on the Raleigh Speed, a team looking to take the 2nd seed, who said “The last time we played the Assault they barely beat us 2-1.”  Make sure to check out the live scoring to see if it is true what the hockey gods say, ” It’s hard to beat a team 2 times in a row.”  
Look for more updates coming from Raleigh, North Carolina.  
Your boy, Itan Daniel Chavira