No Ifs, Ands, or Ties?

By Jeremy Ellis

Here we are approaching the halfway point of this 2012 Buffalo regional and we have yet to have a tie!  Each and every team has been going for it.  Seeding has been so tight so far that each team knows that it is a win or bust mentality.

We have finished the round robin in the Pee Wee division and the seeds have been calculated.  With a lean towards parity, 4 teams were in the running for the second seed, all having accumulated 4 points.  It came down to the next tie breaker, Goals against to get the job done.  Just goes to show how important good defense is in these events.  With that 4 way tie, one of the teams ended up going from the gold to the silver bracket.  Very tight here in the division, only the Mission Mississauga Rattlers ended up unscathed after round robin.  The squirt and bantam division are starting to hit their stride now this afternoon and they will dominate the action until the men’s division resumes at 8:30pm and concludes with our 12:30AM final.  Plenty of good seats still available for that one!  We will be sure to keep you fans updated with all of the post-game celebratory festivities!

Talking with the guys across the country and on the other side of New York, it seems as if all 3 locations are filled with exciting hockey with great turnout to watch the games.  I love travelling the country and seeing the many diverse styles of play.  Heavy Canadian influence here this weekend with the emphasis on puck handling and speed.  There are some very talented teams that I hope to see this summer out in San Jose.  Don’t forget, we get pretty close to this neck of the woods in a couple of weeks as the Mississauga regional takes place the weekend of June 15th.

That’s all for now, we will catch up with you in the evening. From mild and partly sunny Buffalo, along with Mike Vickerman, I am Jeremy Ellis.  Roll on…..